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Benefits from electronic fuel payment cards

(VLR) In Vietnam market, especially for enterprises in transport business, a use of fuel cards in fuel payment has become popular. Instead of using a normal fuel payment invoice, now, people can easily approach and utilize the products applying technology in payment of fuel, such as: PVOil Easy, F-Card, Dibee Fleet Pay, or transaction through Petrolimex system with Momo... The following is a case that reporter records for the benefits brought by using Dibee Fleet Pay.


According to the reporter’s record, when using Dibee Fleet Pay app, the transactions of fuel payment is very quick and easy. When driver goes to fuel station and shows the fleet card, gas pumper will check his information (including the license plate, the gas type and the gas bottle size...) through POS system then input information and refill gas. All transaction information is save online without printing any invoices. Based on reporter’s observation, each payment just takes about 1 -2 minutes, avoiding the congestion at the fuel station. In addition, if paying fuel by cash, the driver has to stop engine and enter to the payment desk to fill the transaction form or invoices prior to bringing invoices to the company’s accountants. This

Electronic payment card (Dibee Fleet Pay) is a high-tech product provided by Dibee (Connexion Vietnam Ltd.,) – a company belonging to the Corporation of France with over 50 year-old of establishment, who has been providing and suppling the digital payment solutions for many transport enterprises in Vietnam. Currently, Dibee Fleet Pay can be used on the system of over 50 gas stations and the internal gas stations over the country, like Tin Nghia, SFC, HFC, STS,...

traditional procedure takes more time of drivers and gas pumpers, as well as other negative impacts. Mr Khuc Van Thinh; Head of Store gasoline no.6 – Saigon Fuel Joint Stock company (SFC) acknowledged: “In the last August, the payment-with-no- cash accounted for 25% of total payment, particularly there was an enterprise using fleet card to buy up to 70,000L gas at the store. It is appeared that, with many benefits brought by Dibee Fleet Pay although this card has not been popular, the transport enterprises still trust and apply this payment method in their business activities more and more over the year”.

According to Mr Thinh, the solution that Dibee provides can reduce the work pressure, in terms of document archive, and minimize the time for documents cross-check and report statistics. All transactions will be automatically summarized and updated through the online system this is easier for the monitor and the access of transaction reports. The payment process at the gas stations has been shortened. The online payment using smart cards with no cash or no gas paper invoices helps the gas stores attracted more new clients.


Mr Bui Hai Hoang, Director of Transport unit – Dat Moi Trading and Service Joint Stock Company (ALC) has highly evaluated the efficiencies offered by utilities of Dibee Fleet Pay. Now, ALC has over 70 container trucks and 250+ trailers so that a use of Dibee Fleet Pay to optimize the management activities is much necessary than ever. Compared to the past, in the transport business, if the number of fleet is bigger, the number of accountants will be also increased to complete invoices and bills in time, leading to the higher expense and the larger staff number. However, when applying the high- tech solutions of Dibee Fleet Pay, all management activities, including invoice inspection, bill update... are still simple and easy to control despite of a bigger number of company’s fleet. In fact, ALC has saved up to 25% the management cost in comparison with the traditional payment method.


• Save the fuel consumption cost and operating labour through the automatic reporting system

• Minimize the on-paper transaction and the document cross-check

• Enhance the monitoring capacity of fuel consumption norms, avoid the cheating through the warning systems for unusual transactions.

Besides, the fleet management of ALC has been easier. With the function controlling the gas consumption of fleet team through the timely reporting system for each transaction, after the transaction, the system will automatically analyse the data and warn the enteprise if there is any unusual transaction, avoiding the cheating effectively. On each Dibee’s fuel card, it normally has a print of fleet plates of the vehicle that drivers should take responsibility, and each driver whenever buying gas has to present the card to verify information. So that, the driver cannot refill fuel for his private vehicle or lend the card to others. As a result, the enterprise can totally avoid the transactions that cause cost loss. Also, through this system, ALC can easily monitor, control and compare the fuel consumption in details of each fleet team after each transaction, then report the fuel utilization efficiency.

Electronic payment fuel card brings many positive effects, however, applying this payment method widely and expanding this model is still a difficult problem. The main reason is that enterprises have not approached to the high-tech solutions or the new technology trends. Part of this, in Vietnam market, most enterprises have the small and medium size and their fleet number is not large. In addition, there still exits a fear of change, that interferes the implementation and the change of the technology in the whole enterprise system.

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