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RPA a helpful tool for the finance - banking sector

(VLR) The use of RPA today has become popular. To the sector of Finance - Banking, RPA has been considered a powerful solution to solve backlog of works in the process of optimizing and digitalizing of an enterprise. It is a helpful tool to speed up work processing that ensures accuracy and efficiency in customer services.


RPA- an abbreviation of Robotic Process Automation- is able to work with other software as Excel, accounting and banking... and to use its artificial intelligence to carry out a huge, mundane and repetitive periodical workload as data input, creating orders, granting access and other works that require communicate with various system. Simply, it is a robot operating 24/7/365 and automatically working on computers to minimize errors and help enterprises optimize their resources with the most reasonable costs.

Along with the development of technology, large enterprises have now caught up with the trend of using software robots to improve competitiveness, productivity and reduce the burden on employees. Enterprises in the sectors of health-care, banking, finance... have been applying this technology in a number of specific and repetitive operations such as money transfer orders, declaration, data entry and processing,...

According to a recent report by the American Association of Management Accountants (IMA) on transforming financial functions with robotic process automation technology, RPA is an automation technology. It will automatically complete processes that are not too complex, increase operational productivity and can help businesses generate millions of dollars in form of financial savings.

In a recent seminar on RPA by IMA with nearly 1,500 participants globally, 34% of attendees rated RPA as

“We have AI, we have RPA, we still need people. Industry revolution history showed new technology can take people’s existing jobs away, but in the long term, it will created more new jobs”.

Bui Dinh Giap - Director of RPA akaBOT Platform - FPT Software

an emerging technology with the biggest impacts to the sector of finance and accounting in the next three years. Besides, over 75% of attendees believed their organizations’ processes of finance and accounting could benefit moderately to significantly from RPA.

“In business environment today, finance and accounting experts no longer want to carry out mundane manual processes, they want their load reduced and focus on works that create more values added. RPA has a lot of potentials and is simply applied to all enterprises,” said Loreal Jiles, IMA’s Director of Research, Digital Technology and Financial Transformation, “Unlike other digital transformation projects, initial RPA experimental projects can be deployed in a few days with well-prepared documents, other RPA skills can be developed in a few weeks, not in a few months or years”.


With strong developments of technology and globalization, traditional banking is required to be faster and more flexible than ever. By using RPA to automate the process, employees are freed from repetitive manual work and thus are able to focus on innovative strategies for service improvements and business growth.

That huge input data must be received daily is the characteristics of the finance-banking sector. Automated data entry, processing and classification with RPA will absolutely reduce errors in working process and speed up work processing.

People are normally affected by factor from outside as health, long working time and distraction. RPA is able to operate 24/24 with high speed and stability. Its accuracy is ensured to reduce errors and to carry out working process seriously.

At the FPT Techday 2020 on November 19, Bui Dinh Giap- Director of RPA akaBOT Platform- FPT Software shared a story about a bank handling 400 loans a day. Previously, the specialists had to carry out the work manually. When bringing the RPA intelligent automation solution in operation, the sales staff just took photos of the customer profiles, put them on a website, akaBot downloaded them and converted them into structured data. Then, specialists only need to enter the system to approve loans, instead of inputting data manually.

After the loans were approved, robot can access CIC to check credit history, and goes to core banking to check customer data 100%. On the process, the robot can also send an email to inform moderators if there are .any problems- a typical success of akaBOT. Besides, the platform can read faxes and convert them to structured data and put them into core banking.

“We have AI, we have RPA, we still need people. A former IBM CEO said human and machines combined will give the best performance, not just human or machines will. Industry revolution history showed new technology can take people’s existing jobs away, but in the long term, it will created more new jobs,” Giap affirmed.

Besides, RPA also has function to support internal process compliance management and risk management, cost optimization, promoting expansion development and improving service quality with no system intervention and modifications to existing system.

RPA and AI are advanced core technology that can change the sector of finance-banking remarkably. They help to speed up business process, reduce manual works, save costs and create good customer experience. The application of AI and RPA solutions is expected to bring significant growth.

Quang Anh, Thuy Hau

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