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Using technology to drive growth

(VLR) When the COVID-19 epidemic crisis strikes, leaders in the logistics sector must act quickly and decisively, come up with stable initiatives in a short time while ensuring the health and well-being, benefits of the people and communities where logistics takes place.

Using technology to drive growth

Using technology to drive growth

For many companies, this means applying technology to reshape business as it was before the crisis - from rapidly shifting the workforce to working remotely at large scale, to leverage real-time data to tailor their operations to new and uncertain market conditions.

Interestingly, a lot of companies think they convert many times faster than they can imagine. Pandemic has spurred enterprises to accelerate these initiatives to convert faster than they had previously thought.

But it is not enough to change quickly, plus the most successful global logistics companies have built a solid digital foundation that makes it easier for them to cope with COVID-19 from a strong position.

So how are successful logistics companies using technology to deliver rapid and flexible resilience to their global supply chains and their business models? For many businesses, achieving this involves three main steps: Simplify, Streamline, and Scale.

Simplify business operations with a single platform solution

The work is based on many systems different that no link between them brings up a huge risk. The reason comes from the businesses will not have the ability to accelerate or innovation when lost in the system complex, costly lack of safety.

Manually entering and transferring data between different systems and operators is time-consuming and increases the likelihood of an error every time information is posted to the system - especially when encountered. There must be differences in language, legislation, and region.

Using the solution of logistics on one single platform, such as Cargowise, means people are working on the same database, so information is posted at point stems will also be available immediately i.e. at the destination. For example, when an order is entered by the operator or received via EDI from the customer or a third party, CargoWise will automatically notify the appropriate use of the order request, then allowing them to see details and decide the mode of transport most effectively and on schedule.

This helps boost the operational efficiency of enterprises and reduce the risk that occurs when re-entering data. It also makes it possible for buyers and suppliers to track the status of their goods, thus enabling cooperation between all parties.

Streamline interacting with network clients, partners, and third parties via the integrated specialized deep

While working with a globally distributed network of customers, partners and third-party agents are part of running a logistics company, the good news is that the business no longer must rely on the connectivity of different software systems to do business.

Streamline interacting with network clients, partners, and third parties via the integrated specialized deep

Streamline interacting with network clients, partners, and third parties via the integrated specialized deep

Many teams can work on the system with a different location, language, and units of different currencies that may cause transparency decreased significantly and create data Shipment low quality with solutions crafts, waste of time.

The integration interface is a specialized depth of Cargowise that allows you to exchange data and status updates with the internal or external parties at the same time from a single global platform. Take as an example of a freight forwarding from the United States (US) to the United Kingdom (UK). Use Cargowise, different parts of the UK can start preparing customs procedures by reusing the data that has been imported into the United States Declaration of ACE.

These departments can also pre-plan domestic deliveries based on schedules already established at the place of origin, while the US export team is still working on the export document. This can streamline the overall process while still able to track are any tasks or any important event.

At the same time, CargoWise’s integrated solvency will track every stakeholder and outstanding services, apply appropriate taxes according to local acceptance - from VAT to GST and beyond as well - like any other arrangement, such as profit sharing.

Expand globally and drive business seamlessly through secure and reliable cloud technology

Companies logistics are increasingly under pressure to adapt to the new ways of customer care and they simultaneously solve the relocation of working remotely on a large scale. This e Layout create some challenges for companies with a software system in place for when the quarantine measures and blockade tight, these systems are not accessible.

Technology computing clouds of Cargowise ensure that data can be accessed from one location focused and safe, which means that companies logistics globally no longer need to run multiple platforms, from which reduced minority re-enter data or having to rely on solutions for a single individual, separately.

In the time not stable, transaction model pay when use is supported by the computing cloud of Cargowise value enormously, guarantee companies logistics can expand the scale of their spending under the temporary change cannot predict the frequency of use and income.

Besides, the ability to deploy the upgrade or connect to the software-based computing cloud can be done without need expensive resources in place, eliminating downtime scheduled capable energy costs.

Ta Duc Thinh

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