One who passes fire to young generation of Vietnam

(VLR) We paid a visit to Businessperson-PhD. Nguyen Tri Dung in a day at the end of 2019, when it turned cool in Saigon. In Minh Tran Garden- Garden Cultivating Vietnam’s Dreams, he welcomed us with cups of coffee in Japanese style. Devoted with the Garden Cultivating Vietnam’s Dreams, he keeps going on the road that is full of difficulties but full of glory as well…

 Businessperson-PhD. Nguyen Tri Dung

Businessperson-PhD. Nguyen Tri Dung

As usual, he welcomed us in a neat white shirt, with warm sm iles and reminded us of sweet memories of the country that seemed to be long faded…

Deeply attached to the country

Business Person-PhD. Nguyen Tri Dung was born in 1948 in Saigon, graduated from Hitotsubashi with Major in Public Management, Associate PhD Degree; graduated from Tsukuba with Major in Planning, PhD Degree.

At the end of 1975, he was one of the first oversea Vietnamese who was invited by Vietnam Government to visit the country for solutions to overcome war results.

This was a practical and meaningful work that helped Vietnamese women get involved in activities of developing the country’s economy.

Coming back to the country when it was in hardship, Dung started a movement of contributing sewing machines to Vietnam women through Nagoya City Citizen Association. The movement was initiated and spread out all Japan. Over 1,000 sewing machines were handed to over 30 vocational centers of Vietnam Women Association in various provinces and cities.

After 16 years working with the UN in a role of Economic Development Expert, he found it is a real pride to contribute to the country. From the thought, he founded Tri Dung Business School (the first private school having trainings in business management in Vietnam) with targets of forming “thoughts of developments” contributing in implementing innovation policies for management and technological staff and students…by having reference to Japan’s experience, thoughts, management, industrial production culture and business culture.

He is friendly and calm when talking about experience to students and he is determined when solving problems. After work, he keeps winning others’ hearts with witty stories. Warm and open-hearted, he makes others closed together with talks, with stories in a green atmosphere that he designed and called it the Garden Cultivating Vietnam’s Dreams.

Vietnam’s dreams- creation to develop

After 50 years living and working in “the land of rising sun”, he understands better than anyone else reasons of magic developments in Japan- results from contributions form responsible, obedient, ambitious, studious people with strong sense of community. When he returned to Vietnam, besides knowledge that he had achieved abroad, Dung brought back attitudes and ideas from a country with developed economy. And he believes Vietnam can have equal developments as Japan does with high determination to implement.

“Developing a country should start from the fact each Vietnamese person should have a dream. The Garden Cultivating Vietnam’s Dreams is a suggestion each Vietnamese person should cultivate at least a dream for themselves. And we have to pursue it with determination. And all the dreams will be a foundation for sustainable developments in the future”.

“Come to new things from traditon” is his motto in life an business: You should have firm awareness of tradition and you can acquire new technology without losing your own nature.

Minh Tran- the Garden Cultivating Vietnam’s Dreams is designed like a country village somewhere in the North- the Central and the South- small and peaceful. A row of water jars standing peacefully under tree shades; Hue-style old house and Tay Nguyen stilt house in harmony with amazingly beautiful bamboo furniture. A view of green peaceful bed of grass, of a lake with lotus- as in a painting of the countryside - something reminds of faded memories…

And a few know the center “Creation for developments” is the first unit in Vietnam that has produced hi-tech spare parts for export for the past 30 years

Developing manpower- improving production quality

With the thought of developing manpower, improving industrial quality production of HCMC as a premise for cooperation and technology transfer from Japan, and from practical requirements of improving technical standard, innovating management methods and developing enterprises’ productions, he asked his friends who are experts in various fields- old-aged but energetic- to visit Vietnam and found Asia Technology Cooperation Network (ATCN) and he was Honorary President.

In 2008, Tri Dung Business School together with ATCN carried out the training program “Developing manpower source to Improve Industrial Production Quality”; in 2012, the school had supports from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and HCMC Investment and Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) (2012-2015), HCM Export and Processing Zone Authority (HEPZA) to have training on Japan’s experience transfer to improve labor capacity and product values, which contributes in making ideas of sustainable development for local enterprises, by exchanging knowledge, skills, ideas and experience among students in HCMC and surrounding provinces with Japan’s business managers.

Especially, in the last week of 2019, he started the program “Applying IT in business management from Japan’s practical experience” with participation of many Japan’s leading experts and leaders from many enterprises at Minh Tran Garden.

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