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Clearly operating hai van tunnel 2:

For the people’s safety and social utility

(VLR) Last time, difficulties of the whole project have been being considered by the government authorities, and quickly sought solutions to clear all obstacles, especially under the circumstance that these problems can significantly affect the social benefits obtained from the open of Hai Van Tunnel 2. Investors will continue overcoming the problems to ensure the non-stop operation of 2 tunnel tubes for the next time to serve the traffic needs of citizens.


After the State Evaluation Council accepted the project final report and the Ministry of Transport (MoT) agreed for traffic clearance, dated on Jan 11th, 2021, Hai Van tunnel 2 – a part of Deo Ca’s road Tunnel – was inaugurated with the witness of the host and different Government leaders from MoT, the Ministry of Construction, Da Nang city and Thua Thien – Hue province, all investors and other relevant agencies and departments.

With great wisdom, experience, and determination, Deo Ca Investment JSC. (Deoca Group) and other parties have overcome many obstacles, been creative in applying modern technologies to complete the construction with high quality following the design document and current technical standards. This construction was completed 3 months earlier than the deadline and on the occasion of the 13th National Party Congress to supply the big moving needs of people during the first New Year days in the year of the buffalo.

Although the Hai Van Tunnel 2, which is the longest tunnel line in Southeast Asia, was officially opened for the use of the public and for delivering goods safely along the long National Road 1A to promote. However, until now, the whole picture of this construction still has many financial problems that were not completely solved, such as the State budget with 1,180 billion VND committed to providing for the project was not imbursed; the variation in toll fees in the La Son-Tuy Loan station for the reimbursement of the project assigned in the contract was not been implemented by relevant departments... These issues will affect directly the investment budget, the projected revenue, and the maintenance of the operating system in the tunnels of this project.

At the inauguration of Hai Van Tunnel 2 on Jan 11th 2021, Deoca group leader also proposed a view and a suggestion to state departments that Hai Van 2 would be put in operation to helps vehicles easily go through Hai Van tunnel, each tube has two one-way lanes within 20 days before and after Tet (since Feb 1st 2021, or Dec 20th of the Lunar year of the Rat, until Feb 21st 2021, or Jan 10th of the Lunar year of the Buffalo). After that, the operation of this tunel will be identified based on the dealing with the current problem and responsibilities of each party according to the contract articles.

It has been known that Prime Minister, at that time, had assigned the Ministry of Investment and Planning to cooperate with the Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Justice to consider the allocation of 1,180 billion VND from the State Budget for the project. At the meeting on Jan 29th, 2021 among the ministries and departments, opinions all agreed that the State budget allocation for this project is very important and necessary to maintain the financial plan and fully implement the Government’s commitment to the project, as well as unanimously report to the Prime Minister to allocate the above capital for the project in the medium-term public investment plan for the term 2021 - 2025.


Mr. Ngo Truong Nam, General Director of Deo Ca Investment JSC, said that: “After an open of Hai Van Tunnel 2 during the Tet holidays, the traffic circulation through Hai Van tunnel has quickly boosted. On average, there were about 11,000 to 14,000 vehicles per day passing through this tunnel. Because two tunnel tubes were put into use, so the traffic pressure for this route is declined. Traffic congestion has no longer existed. The visibility in the tunnel ventilates more, averagely from 85% to 95%. The average speed of vehicles increases from 45km/h to 65km/h. Especially, the time for vehicles completing this tunnel is shortened, from 15 mins to 6 mins. Accidents that happened in the past significantly decrease, and there are no longer situations leading to the prolonged congestions that required the functional forces to appear and control traffic flow like in the past”.

Operation and management unit of Hai Van acknowledged that the start using of Hai Van Tunnel 2 in the Lunar New Year days had decreased the traffic pression in the whole route including the path covers and tunnel inside. Whislt transport means circulate on 2 lanes in each tubes and along the path covers, the congestion due to the traffic slow movement is zeroed.

Moreover, moving through 2 tunnels in one direction can significantly reduce car accidents when cross- linking jams happen in the tunnel, this leads to a collision if the distance isn't kept properly (there was no accident or fire in the tunnel during the last 20 days since opening two tunnels for traffic clearance). During the time before and after Tet Holidays (20 days), there were 90,774 cars passing through the Hai Van Tunnel 2.

Nguyen Quang Thanh

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