Discovering the pearl island Taiwan

(VLR) (Vietnam Logistics Review) Taiwan has been known as the beautiful pearl island, always being an attractive destination for travellers who love tourism and adventures.

(Vietnam Logistics Review) Taiwan has been known as the beautiful pearl island, always being an attractive destination for travellers who love tourism and adventures.

The bustling airport when landing to Taipei

From Ho Chi Minh city, ittakes only about 3 hours and a half to arrive at TaiwanTaoyuan International Airport- the busiest airpot in Taiwan. Established from 1979 and up to 2015, Taiwan TaoyuanInternational Airport has welcomed 38,473,000 passengers with 2.1 million tons of cargos.

Since 2013, Taiwan TaoyuanInternational Airport was ranked at 15th of the world’s busiest airports by international passenger traffic andat 10th of the world’s busiest airports by cargo traffic. In 2015, it was ranked at 11th of the world’s busiest airports by international passenger traffic and at 6th of the world’s busiest airports by cargo traffic.

Design of the airport is based on the model of the main terminal at Washington Dulles International Airport (US), comprising: 5 floors and 22 gates arranged into two lines with one line containg 11 gates opened to the North and another 11-gate line opened to the South; these two lines are linked by the middle main building comprising border gates, baggage claim area, passport entry area and security check-points.

Explained by the local people, the name “Taoyuan” means “a garden of peaches” (Taoyuan) – a province in the North of Taiwan. Earlier, this area hada lot of peach flowers and Taoyuan was an important industrial zone in Taiwan.

From the airport, visitors can move to different beautiful places, shopping malls or entertainment center in the center of Taipei by city MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) system or buses.

Discover Taipei

Taipei 101 tower

Taiwan World Financial Centre Taipei 101 belongs to Xinyi district, officially classified as the world’s tallest tower from 2004- 2010 with 509.2m height. This tower comprises a large hall, office space and 1 observatory. From outside, the whole building looks like big boxes stacked together. However, architects have described it like a bamboo branch with V nodes. The tower has 101 floors but the visitors can only reach the level 89. Viewing from the level 89 of the Taipei 101, Taipei city and a part of Yangmingshanbecomes beautiful, sparling and magical with countless lights and color of flowers collected in sight. Around this area, there are a lot of shopping avenues and famous exhibition areas of Taiwan. Inside these exhibition places, there are many images showing history of Taiwans establishment and development.

Liberty Square – National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall

This Square is quite large, formely known as Chiang Chung (another name of Chiang Kai-shek), where there is a giant construction built following the old Chinese royal style which is called Chiang Kaishek Memorial Hall. This is a huge construction with sophisticated and giant architecture to exhibit documents and photos related to Chiang Kai-shek, a former president of China and Taiwan. The Memorial Hall with 8-number shape that represents for wealth was started to build in 1976, and opened to the public in 1980 on the 5th anniversary of his death.

The walls at four sides of the Memorial Hall are white. The rooftop at 76m height is colored with blue while the flowers in the garden are red. The three colors, white, red and blue, are the same as China’s flag color under Chiang Kai-shek period. There are also 2 white ladders leading to the main gate of the Memorial Hall. Each ladder has 89 steps, representing for the age of Chiang Kai-shek.

The entrance has 2 gates with each gate high 16 mile high and weighed 75 tons. This Memorial Hall has 4 floors, particularly three lower floors arranged for exhibition of historic objects. career and daily living of Chiang Kai-shek’s family, only 4th floor comprises a giant statue of Chiang Kai-Shek when he was sitting. He wore traditional Chinese clothes with a smile on his face. On the wall above the statue, it shows some Chinese words that mean “Ethics, Democracy and Science”. Along the both hand sides of the statue, it can see two lines of honor guards, who stand solemnly and stately and change their duty in every 1 hour. This scene looks interesting due to the solemn and demure manner of the honor guards.

Nowadays, the Liberty Square attracts many international and Taiwanese travelers to visit, entertain and join cultural and historical activities.

Goodbye Taipei, visitors can start a new journey along the National North- South highway, crossing the winding roads going through mountains to discover Tainan - the South of this beautiful island.

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