Saigon Construction Company: Many social - economic works of national and international levels

(VLR) (Vietnam Logistics Review) Saigon Construction Company (SCC) Lt. – One-membered has been in the leading position in the field on construction in HCMC and nationwide for many years, both in terms of professional - technology and in size (the largest logistics work in Vietnam at Cai Mep, BR-VT). In addition, it has also had remarkable activities in social - charity works. VLR journalist has a talk with the General Director Nguyen Van Khoi.

(Vietnam Logistics Review) Saigon Construction Company (SCC) Lt. – One-membered has been in the leading position in the field on construction in HCMC and nationwide for many years, both in terms of professional - technology and in size (the largest logistics work in Vietnam at Cai Mep, BR-VT). In addition, it has also had remarkable activities in social - charity works. VLR journalist has a talk with the General Director Nguyen Van Khoi.

Journalist: HCMC has been trying to make it “A city worth living”. What are contributions from SCC to the target?

General Director Nguyen Van Khoi (GD): Contributing in implementation of the Resolution from the HCMC Party’s Meeting X, term 2015- 2020 with “7 breakthrough programs”, SCC had an action plan to put the spirit and content of the Resolution in to practical reality. The company has focused on the responsibility of restructure and equitizing in accordance to the roadmap approved by the People’s Committee. The company has been able to upgrade the quality of human resource, the quality of growth and competition ability to meet the needs for integration. The company has implemented many projects and construction works, guaranteeing speed, safety, labor hygiene, and artistic- technology features, which heighten value of the brand of SCC and by the same time, contribute to renovation and development of the city.

Journalist: SCC is an enterprises having great contributions to task of social security in HCMC and surrounding areas, what is the company’s motto in the task?

GD: With an idea “To live is to share”, besides success in business activities, the company’s party and leaders has asked the company’s union and youth union to frequently hold charity works, and social activities to poor areas, families in preferential treatment, people having revolutionary contributions or family in special conditions… For example, assisting construction program New Rural Area in Nha Ba worth VND 3.5bn; building 10 bridges in provinces of Ca Mau, Vinh Long, Hau Giang, Ben Tre worth VND 4bn; four classroom for Bong Hong Kinder Garten at Khanh Hoi, U Minh, Ca Mau; and 20 houses of affection of all kinds worth VND 6bn; Nguyen Van Huong scholarship fund for medicine students; thousands of scholarship for studious poor people in various area; getting thousands of blood units from blood donation and many other programs participated by SCC staff.

Journalist: As one of leading company in construction in HCMC and in the country, what SCC’s work has been considered “the most impressive and having social economic meaning”?

GD: The Company has had many construction work. However, the most impressive work having social-economic meaning is the historic site of the base of the Central Office for South Vietnam’s Party Committee. This is the work to show gratitude to those who lived, fought and died for the country’s revolution in the Vietnam War.

SCC involved in the project from stages of having ideas, design, budget contributing, and building the historic site. Although the work did not have high construction cost, it is meaningful in term of teaching tradition and pride to young generations.

The work has been ranked Site of National Monument in 2017 by the Minister of the Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Party’s History Institute, HCM National Political Institute.

Cai Mep Industrial Park (Vung Tau) will be the largest Logistics Center in Vietnam.

Journalist: The Government has had guideline to develop Vietnam Logistics sector equally to the country’s potentials. In the beginning of 2017, Prime Minster has had Decision no.200/TTg for guideline. What is the progress of building Cai Mep Industrial Park?

GD: SCC is pushing the construction of the project of Cai Mep Industrial Park in BR-VT in 670ha, located in the Key Southern Economic Zone. This is the first deep water port of Vietnam and the only port group having direct route to Europe and America without transshipment at the 3rd countries (after the Government decided not to build a port at Van Phong). SCC is currently finishing the infrastructures and making incentive policies calling for investments. So far, 14 investors have signed leasing contracts of 200ha in Cai Mep Industrial Park. In 2016, a vessel of 200,000 tons anchored here.

Cai Mep is 7 times larger than Cat Lai Port (currently Cat Lai Logistics Center is the largest). When it is completed, it will be a large cargo center of the country, region and the world (in term of location and size)

Journalist: - You are affectionately called “3 in 1” person by the company staff, are there any advantages or pressures when you are in charge of many important responsibilities at the same time?

GD: At the beginning, with three responsibilities of the company’s Party Secretary, Chairman of Member Assembly and General Director, I was really under pressure because SCC at the time were facing many difficulties, especially internal affairs. There were times I were stressed: for the lack of key members, I had to face issues myself and direct SCC to complete annual business plans. However, with belief in the fairness, with determination and a spirit of a soldier, a veteran, and with support from family, friends and co-workers, difficulties have been solved and now SCC is a united organization and has had encouraging successes: target of a following year always 100% higher or more than the previous year; many works have been completed; the labor incomes have been stable and gradually increasing; staff are willingly contributing to SCC’s sustainable development.

Thank you Mr. General Director.

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