Jorge Martin-Martinez, General Director, DKSH Vietnam, believes that talent attraction and retention strategy are crucial for a business, especially in a changing world like nowadays

(VLR) (Vietnam Logistics Review) Our way of working and connecting with each other has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data play an impressive role in shaping gradually how we live and do businesses. It is widely believed that humans are soon replaced by robots to implement repetitive tasks.

(Vietnam Logistics Review) Our way of working and connecting with each other has changed dramatically thanks to technology. Artificial Intelligence and Big Data play an impressive role in shaping gradually how we live and do businesses. It is widely believed that humans are soon replaced by robots to implement repetitive tasks.

Research has shown that clients and customers have similar needs which are highly affected by a few key trends. Also, these trends heavily impact on how businesses run to meet these rapidly evolving needs.

As a result, the coming workforce will change rapidly to fit these changing forces. Thanks to the application of artificial intelligence, the tasks left for humans will become more complex, this enables employees to challenge themselves and unveil their full capabilities. Complexity comes hand in hand with versatility and diversity, talents are now required to have a skill set that can nurture something beyond creativity and innovation. The attractiveness of a workplace is now determined by how cultured and diverse it is, employees expect quality leadership and inclusion in a work environment where they are given chances to ever-grow and become a better employee.

More than anyone else, we, as employers should be ready to adapt to this rapidly changing business environment and to transform ourselves accordingly with these disruptive trends. First, we must create a working environment that can reshape itself quickly around these changes. Second, employees should be constantly made aware of these changes and what impacts they hold on the business. Third, it is crucial to implement an optimized organization structure that helps sustain the best efficiency and productivity. A long-term goal should be set for Human Resources (HR), they should be our strategic partners in this journey of enabling a proactive leadership culture and applying technology to enhance the work quality which will result in sustainable and profitable businesses.

DKSH believes in our commitment to making the work experience special and valuable. We provide a wide range of services to several clients, industries, and regions with our diverse products, this has opened for our employees a variety of hands-on learning and development opportunities. Therefore, employees are not only becoming the expert in their field, but also having chances to learn about other areas of expertise. This helps promote versatility and adaptability among our employees.

At DKSH, employees take ownership of what they do and will do when these opportunities come into force. These opportunities ask our employees to get involved in projects that operate in different markets and countries. Such evolution-driven working environment will resolve the increasing complexity of technology.

We are confident in our delivery of a dynamic, growth-driven and cultured work environment at DKSH. Here, employees are encouraged to “write their own ticket”, take full ownership of the business and reflect themselves on what good they can do for others.

In March 2018 - DKSH Vietnam was named as one of "Vietnam best places to work 2017". This annual award is announced by Anphabe, a leading career network of management professionals in Vietnam and Intage Vietnam, an experienced market research company.

The survey was conducted independently, with in-depth interviews, qualitative and quantitative surveys to capture the most objective comments. This years survey is the largest ever with over 26,100 candidates from 24 industries. The survey team also conducted in-depth interviews with 50 HR managers, of which 25% came from Vietnamese enterprises and 75% were foreign.

This award is the result of our continuous commitment to create a better work environment for our employees. The award not only honors DKSH as one of Vietnam’s Best Places To Work, but also demonstrates that at DKSH we nurture the potential in people and offer an attractive work environment that satisfies employees’ needs.

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