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The Moonlight Homestay Soc Son:

A mini Da lat in Hanoi

(VLR) Homestay Moonlight was named after the name “Moonlight sonata” written by the genius Beethoven. The house owner took an idea of the entirely glass covered home in the middle of forest to enjoy the moonlight passing through every night over the top of high pine trees.

Sometimes, life is so busy, crowded and full of noise, then many girls and boys want to escape from that whole busy things to dive in the wonderful world where has the vast forest, awakening at night among the bird songs and the whispering sound from the pine trees and a clear sky with lots of stars. And there will save all the beautiful pictures of your exiciting youth. There is also a nice house that looks the same as Bella’s home with the vampire Edwards, two famous characters in “The Twilight” series, and their most beautiful love story between the wolf man and the young girl in the screen has brought many dreams and emotions to our young girls and boys since then.

Homestay Moonlight was named after the “Moonlight Sonata” of the genius Beethoven. The home owner took an idea of the full covered glass house in the middle of the forest in order to enjoy the moonlight passing through the night over thousands of high pine tree tops. In the middle of the moon night with the whisper sound of pine trees, if you turn on memorable melodies, next to burning flames, sit on the woody vintage swing and right in front of you is the vast green of trees and leaves, you will spread your heart following that melodies and feel all peaceful moments. Under the enormous sky, you might think The Moonlight to be a place belonging to fairy tale world that helps you soul to be calmed and relax. Sometimes, you can lie down on the bench to see twinkle stars and the moon to recall your great memories and the past...

The Moonlight will bring you to blend with the beautiful place for us to have not only “virtual living” but also “truthful living” in the fairytale...

The glasshouse of Homestay Moonlight looks very solid and romantic against to its position in the middle of the rock, including 3 glass floors, iron and colorful tangled stones. This house has 4 charming bedrooms with yellow warm lights among the thick space of dozens-year old pine tree branches. This villa includes 2 floors and one rooftop with 4 bedrooms: 3 rooms having double mattress and 1 room having single mattress – each room is full equipped with air-conditioner. The rooftop is completely made by glass then you can see clearly the vast star sky at night. The living room is opened to the spacious green pine forest. There are relaxing chairs and tables for visitors to see the blooming roses garden. The “opened air” kitchen is also full of facilities, a campfire area in the misty night, one pavilion on the tree branch and an outdoor bar for cocktail, champagne and other drinks (tea, coffee), several playing grounds for children freely to run around and explore the nature. It has some BBQ areas and dining tables outdoor for people enjoy the moon and the stars. The rose garden here is diversified in species: ancient rose, Sapa ancient rose, pink rose, myrtle and melastoma flowers blooming colorfully when season comes in the mountain. You are free to take a walk and photos of the pine forest around the house or cycle a bike to see around.

The Glasshouse is made of transparent glass, hence if you feel not comfortable with the natural sunlight stinging your eyes, you can pull down the curtains to have a good sleep. Or If you want to watch the sunset from your bed room, you just need to hang the curtain and you will see the full beautiful view of the nature in the fresh and peaceful air.

The Moonlight Homestay Soc Son is only 40km away from Hanoi center, 15km from Noi Bai airport and 5km from Hanoi Golf Club. Located on the Soc mountain, it takes only 15 minutes of driving to visit Thanh Giong temple. Its owner is a poet hence she wants to decorate the hous with the vintage, romantic style and environmental friendly style because she thought the modern life has pulled many people drop into the industrial cycle and people just suffer the living condition with a lot of noise, dust and polluted air in the narrow city. Therefore, she tried to create a green space where the nature is the top decision factor to help people enjoy a full relaxing day with their families. Here, they can easily find a place with private space and warm air to balance and refresh them.

The Moonlight Homestay has attracted many youths who love nature to visit and enjoy the romantic view from “The Twilight” movie or feel closely to a mini Da Lat that they might fall in love from the first sign right in Hanoi.

The Moonlight will bring you to blend with the beautiful place for us to have not only “virtual living” but also “truthful living” in the fairytale...

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