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Pleiku a windy plateau

(VLR) One can think of the plateau of Dalat with pine tree forests, with cool weather and with colorful beds of flowers. There is also another one with untamed vibrant beauty. The mountain town of Pleiku - Gia Lai.

Pleiku a windy plateau

Pleiku a windy plateau

The great lake of T’Nung - a beauty of the wilderness

Once you are in the mountain town of Pleiku, Gia Lai, you will surely be introduced the Great Lake- a pearl in the red soil land of Tay Nguyen.

T’nung or Tu Nueng means “sea on the mountain” in Ede dialect. The fresh water lake was formed on a volcanic mountain millions of years ago. When there are winds, there are waves on the lake surface like it is in the sea.

The great lake of T’Nung - a beauty of the wilderness

The great lake of T’Nung - a beauty of the wilderness

People here often tell stories about the great lake. Stories with legendary colors. The lake is deep. Many geological teams have come but they could not measure the depth of it. When rivers and lakes around run out of water in dry seasons, the lake is still full of water. It is believed there is an underground water circuit connecting it with the sea, so its water never runs out.

There is also another story. T’Nung lake is a name of the village associated with the legendary land of Gia Lai, Kon Tum. The village was rich and beautiful, harmonizing between local people and nature in here. Suddenly, the volcanic eruption buried T’Nung village. The survivors mourned their loved ones and relatives relentlessly, and their tears flowed into the lake. That is T’nung now.

The legends make the lake more mysterious. The way up to see “the tearful eyes of the mountain town” is beautiful with pine trees, with white clouds flying low- as low as they can be touched even in a summer noon. Golden sunlight glittering on waves. The lake is always green, dim in the mist as it is hiding its own feelings… like beautiful deep eyes of Ede girls.

Bau Can tea hill - hidden in yellow flowers

Bau Can Tea Hill is 30km away from the mountain town of Pleiku, 20km away from the intersection of Ham Rong- Ham Rong Mountain on the way to the National Road 19. Bau Can tea plantation was formed in 1923 by the French, even earlier than the mountain town of Pleiku.

The two sides of the tea fields are filled with beds of wild sunflowers. The color of yellow brighten roads to villages.

Bau Can tea hill - hidden in yellow flowers

Bau Can tea hill - hidden in yellow flowers

There are still evidence of the prosperous time with villas and even a hydro-power plant. The name Bau Can did not come from the French. In the area, there was a low-lying area (local people called it ‘bau’). In rain seasons, the area was full of water and had a width of 3ha. People even came there fishing right at dry seasons. In 1960, water ran dry and completely ran out of water in 1963. Plantation workers called it ‘Bau Can” and it became an administrative geographic name.

Tea trees was grown in the French Colonial time and they are over one-hundred year old now. The old tea tree, nourished in fertile basalt red soil, abundant in water source and mild weather, gives distinctive flavor. Unlike other green tea hills, Bau Can tea hill has the bright yellow color of yellow cassia flowers. Seen from above, people see the alternation of yellow flowers, green tea, and even white color from the hats of tea-picking girls. Seeing these impressive colors, they surely cannot forget the charms from the land.

Coffee hills under the vast sky

One cannot miss mentioning about ceaseless coffee hills when coming to the land. At blooming seasons, white color in alternation with green one makes it a natural beautiful painting.

People in Tay Nguyen has their own way of enjoying coffee. In small cafes, the lights are dim- just bright enough to see the opposite ones; music are also soft. They sit still, waiting for drops of coffee falling down in their cups, feeling the curtain of mist floating. They do not have a habit of drinking iced coffee, probably because it is cool in the evening, hot coffee makes flavor and aroma stronger.

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