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Vung Tau: A beautiful and safe sea city

(VLR) Not romantic as Da Lat, or not luxury like Da Nang, visitors often talk about Vung Tau under the name “a beautiful sea city”. What a gorgeous seaside of Vung Tau! The beauty originates from the deep blue seawater, the tender waves crashing on the shores and the bright sunlight covering the whole view with the special golden colour. Vung Tau is so beautiful, as a mellow poem that lingers in the hearts of visitors after each arrival”.

Vung Tau - A beautiful and safe sea city

Vung Tau - A beautiful and safe sea city

Vung Tau is gifted by the Mother Nature with the beautiful seaside, the long coastalline with the gentle sand, the clear blue sea, the warm weather all year round, the diversified ecosystem and the poetic landscapes.

About 120km Southeast of Ho Chi Minh City, Vung Tau is protruding land like a land strip with the long history and culture. This is an ideal destination for the weekend trip of many families and young people. From HCM City to Vung Tau, visitors can travel by many different transport means, like bus, city bus, motorbike or private car…

Vung Tau welcomes travellers by fresh-flowerroad from the surburban to the city center

Vung Tau welcomes travellers by fresh-flowerroad from the surburban to the city center

Vung Tau welcomes travellers by fresh-flowerroad from the surburban to the city center. When going through the Ba Thang Hai Street, visitors might surprised and excited at the dazzling colour of cotton carpet stretched for tens of kilometers or colorful rose carpet along Le Hong Phong Street.

Coming to Vung Tau, visitors can not resist the charm of this land. It has many maverlous and clean beaches that are always ready for serving visitors. Front (Truoc) Beach is located between Small and Big mountains, a quiet cove. Here, there were many fishing boats anchorring hence the water is not as clear as eslewhere. However, its idyllic view is wonderful place for visitor to see theromatic scenes of sunrise or sunset. The sunset scene is a unforgettable moment to many travellers.

Coming to Vung Tau, visitors can not resist the charm of this land

Coming to Vung Tau, visitors can not resist the charm of this land

Back (Sau) Beach is 3km from the city center and also the most crowded beach. This placed has been voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. Back Beach is highlighted with the clear blue water, the calm sea waves, the long flat seaside and the stable year-round temparature, so it attracts the most visitors in Vung Tau.

Phuoc Hai Beach stays in the Minh Dam mountain foot. Phuoc Hai town (Dat Do district) is famous for the wild nature view. Here, the blue shooting waves, the long flat sand and beautiful rocks all together create the great scene.

Visiting the Ben Da – Ben Dinh fishing villages close to Vung Tau’s center at dawn or late afternoon, you will see the rustic life of fishermen here. You can talk to eachother about the coastal life, share your love with the great ocean or experience the fishing trips on the sea.

Vung Tau has many spiritual tourist places that are popular and worth for visit, for example Niet Ban Tinh Xa – a pogoda facing the sea and decorred with its unique architechural style of Reclining Buddha, or Shakyamuni Buddha with awnings paved by colorful ceramic pieces. Wandering the sacred place like Buddha door, you will feel relax and peace in your soul.

People can also see the whole city when standing on the arm of Christ statue. It appears many small beautiful houses like the beautiful puzzle pieces pinning on the mountain and facing the ocean. Looking through the vast ocean, watching the sun fading away from the far horizon, it seems so comfortable because people like to become smaller but not lost or helpless feelings.

Vung Tau enchants visitors not only by natural sightseeings but also the great local cuisine. Vung Tau cuisine attracts travellers with the unique features in each dish, such as: ray hot pot, shellfish salad, Khot cake, salted egg sponge cake…and strange things like baked rice paper, pink barley sugar candy or seafood skewers. At night, visitors can enjoy the BBQ and grilled seafood under the light of the bonfires before diving in the melodous music. The strange people then start to cheer-up and dance together under the big night- sky and sea winds.

COVID-19 epidemic has impacted seriously on Vietnam tourist industry, particurlaly Vung Tau tourism. However, since the epidemic widespreaded, the prevention and control activities in the province have been implemented strictly. Every single enterprise, tourist place and local people all agreed to follow the instructions of health agencies in preventing the epidemic. Up to date, Ba Ria – Vung Tau has been surely confirmed to be safe destination. Many enterprises, tourist service suppliers have been quickly recovered the normal status and ensure the control measurements under the new circumstance. And Vung Tau city still looks beautiful as always, welcome all visitors!

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