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Virtual reality: Technology trend of the industry 4.0

(VLR) Virtual Reality (VR) brings experiences that users do not always experience in their real life. Besides interesting experiences, VR has been applied in various fields as education, entertainment, tourism, and science technology.


VR was first developed and used in the 1990s by the U.S Air Force. However, the world has recently been aware of its strength. It can stimulate reality in virtual reality environment or vice versa, that is, create virtual images in reality environment. AR-VR has indeed created a new ‘space’ of combined abilities between reality and virtual reality.

Virtual reality brings different experiences that users do not always experience in their real life. Besides interesting experiences, virtual reality has been applied in various fields of life. In developing countries as the U.S, England and Germany, it has been applied in fields of technology- science, military, architecture, entertainment and tourism, education, science research and trade-service...

In Vietnam, AR-VR applications have been developing in fields of production and business, education and entertainment...

Significant AR-VR projects were Broadcast AR project developed by CO-WELL Asia in Summer Promotion Campaign 2018 by AEON MALL or AR Mobile in the exhibition “Going through The War” by ADT Creative in the 11th National Youth Union Congress or AR-VR application in Holomia’s property project, which allows to build and sell a sample 3D apartment- an application of greater practical values.

Vu Anh Truong - Director of Vuon Uom, FPT Software Ltd. said: “VR is one of new technologies which is expected to be used widely in the Industry4.0. In Vietnam, the technology has great potentials and can be deployed in various sectors and fields”.

VR is opening a new epoch of efficiency with abilities of connection and mobility and brings more opportunities of competitions among enterprises.

Vietnam has been considered a fertile soil for VR to develop as the Government has had policies for technology developments. Experts said VR will be a preeminent weapon: technology is not only to offer customers stimulations but also to offer customers real experience in virtual environment- A tool appreciated to be helpful for customers in choosing products and making their decisions.

Applying VR in all fields has not been very popular for our technology is weak. After a time of innovation, it has brought good efficiency despite high costs and issues of updating and seller contacts for -many applications bought from foreign countries.

Besides, there has been low acceptance to VR applications. There are also limitations in term of language in Vietnam, software by foreign enterprises has to have version in Vietnamese included. Complicated procedures in establishing representative offices, and then putting them into operation are problems they have to face.


In education- training

VR has proved its important role in fields of education and training in the future. Teachers are able to do teaching from distance and students are able to acquire knowledge at home without having to waste time to move around.

In the field of education, the US medical students have used VR in their 3D operation program: they are able to observe both outside and inside organs with smart glasses.

The use of VR in training staff and students at any education levels is more efficient than the use of any traditional methods as lecture, memory cards or student books, which results in deeper understanding and good control on study speed.

The introduction of VR technology has been considered a breakthrough that opens new trends in various fields. It is also considered so in the field of education in a not very far future.

In business and production

The use of VR in business production activities has been a trend in many countries. Gradual developing technology infrastructures and proper human resource for a new technology trend is a proper way of development by being in JV with companies with advanced technology. For example, there has been cooperation between Vietnam and Korea in the technology to create VR ecology in the future, especially in the condition the Government wants to push up information technology, to develop infrastructure and to pay much attention to products that meets needs for developments of digital economy and the Industry 4.0.

Latest forecast from ABI Research, VR devices will have an annual double growth rate (CAGR) from 2014 to 2020 of 128% - able to reach 43 million units in 2020. VR devices will focus on industry and enterprises, not merely on serving minor needs as it does today.

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