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Mr Nguyen Van Toan Co, CEO of FELIX:

Business means connection

(VLR) Based on a modern technology background, Felix Technology Solution Ltd. Company has studied, built and officially launched an e-commerce trading platform, With the hightech advantages, FELIX is willing to support and assist enterprises with e-transforming and maximizing all business activities.

Based on a modern technology background, Felix Technology Solution Ltd. Company has studied, built and officially launched an e-commerce trading platform, With the hightech advantages, FELIX is willing to support and assist enterprises with e-transforming and maximizing all business activities.

Mr Nguyen Van Toan Co, CEO of FELIX

Mr Nguyen Van Toan Co, CEO of FELIX

Mr Nguyen Van Toan Co, CEO of FELIX stated that doing business is creating a connection, linking activities of all parts in the enterprises, connecting the demands of enterprises and clients ect. The FELIX ecosystem has performed the connecting role between the demands of users. Vietnam Logistics Review journal had a chance to discussion with him about this topic.

Good morning, Mr Nguyen Van Toan Co! We have been known that Felix Technology Solution Ltd. Company has launched the ecommerce trading platform. Could you please tell us about some highlighted points of this store since it was started?

On last 12th April, we have promoted the launch of ecommerce trading platform with the purpose of providing users the qualified services and products via online shopping.

On the basis integrating some technology platforms like Fintech, Insutech, Lawtech, Labortech etc. and with the support from multimedia communications that could bring the most benefits to users with the most convenient and fastest way, has provided the client the experience of selling and buying in a new way.

To ensure the superiority, was designed by the smart and scientific way. All information related to products including price, suppliers, delivery… will be provided in details. In addition, all selling policies, promotion and sale programs will be updated accurately, publicly and transparently.

Currently, this trading platform has over 100 service types supplying and serving for domestic and foreign customers. In addition to meet the shopping needs of customers, helps manufacturers increase their production and distribution range.

Along with, FELIX also builds the e-commerce platform for mobile App successfully, that connects the agencies and customers in the different areas, including: Finance – Banking, insurance, real estate, education counselor, immigration, legal advisor, labor supply service etc. in the same ecosystem with e-commerce trading platform. Therefore, App users can easily buy and sell the products – services like: online insurance, agricultural products, necessary products, logistics services, marketing services, branch launching, sale networking… inside and outside the country.

What you just shared above has shown the preeminent features of on a platform that can meet the needs of both buyers – sellers at the same time. So, to use the services provided on this exchange, what are the rules that the buyers will need to follow to ensure the best service and experience?

Like other ecommerce exchanges, members, including the sellers, the buyers, the shippers, will need to register with relevant personal information to get the official approval from the Felix Ecommerce Exchange Management Board and to be allowed to use the services.

FELIX is the pioneer in the field of sales and technology integration in Vietnam.

The rules applied on the exchanges all have to follow current regulations of Vietnamese law. Members participating in the Ecommerce Exchange have to research to understand their own legal responsibilities toward the current laws and regulations, and to commit strict compliance with the Regulation of Felix Exchange.

FELIX supports the sellers to push their marketing activities by using the Saletech technological app, which is developed by FELIX. At the same time, affiliate marketing polices for sellers, for products, and membership policy for participating in the ecosystem and building your own business system… are also provided.

With the values brought to customers as mentioned above, in the upcoming time, what are the plans that FELIX has to develop the Exchange in particular and the FELIX ecosystem in general?

FELIX was established with the mission of creating values for our customers while building, contributing to the socio-economic development and bringing prosperity to the country. Especially in response to the Government’s policy in the transformation of digital economy, FELIX has also increased digital transformation in sales activities, provided digital transformation consulting services, and launched a versatile e-commerce exchange.

The aim of the company is to integrate digital strategy and advanced selling technology in order to provide excellent sales results for the businesses through the years. FELIX has even gone further to identify the difficulties of organizations in allocating time and resources to achieve sale targets, because many businesses lack capacity or time to do it themselves. Therefore, the company was established to be the bridge between the needs of organizations and potential sales, as well as the results that can be achieved through technological expertise.

FELIX always hope to bring the best experience to the customers, to meet both quality and quantity, to ensure diverse categories in order to satisfy our customers. Our slogan is “Touch for quality”, therefore FELIX will continuously upgrade and refine its system to build credibility to accompany our customers and partners.

Quang Anh, Thụy Hậu

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