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Digital transformation will push up the strong growth of enterprises

(VLR) According to Mr Thomas Beurthey, founder and general director of the Dibee, applying technologies in logistics activities will help enterprises easily track vehicles routes, format fuel cost norms, evaluate the gas emission into environment and save the business management cost,...

Thomas Beurthey - Founder and general director of Dibee

Thomas Beurthey - Founder and general director of Dibee

From the “live green” story...

Thomas Deurthey, founder and general director of Dibee - a company specifically provide all digital solutions for fuel management, saving cost and optimizing the operation process of logistics enterprises. Thomas Beurthey already has over 20 years of experiences working for big corporations all over the world, focusing on digital solutions to improve effectiveness of the business operation and administration. He has been known as a man who “lives green” and environmental friendly, both in his daily living or the business.

We are proud that we can contribute our small efforts to the ongoing strong digital transformation in Vietnam

Thomas Beurthey - Founder and general director of Dibee

In recent years, “live green” trend has been attracting many interests of the publics. This is not only a trend but also a big change in awareness for protecting environment and health of everyone, families and society. Same to Thomas, in his daily life, he minimizes all domestic wastes: he often cycles his bike to go to his office everyday and limits an use his private car. He says “no” to plastics bags or disposable plastic products. He always brings with him a cup, a glass jar or items that he can reuse many times when buying drinks or food. Besides, he also diminishes the document printing because he thougth that we should take advantages from hi-techs and the convenience of smart devices to reduce gas emissions into environment when the technology is growing well now. He said: “each individual, each person needs to put our interests much more on the environment. Any actions, even very small, will help to improve the living environment, this is to protect the Earth and ourselves”.

Based on the statistic data of Transport Development and Strategy Institute, the emission from transport major is the third largest, only after energy and agriculture majors, taking an account of 18.3% total greenhouse gas emissions. The development of modern traffic vehicles supported the economic growth and connection between local regions. On the other hand, this development is a main reason leading to an increase of dust, noise pollution and CO2 emission and causing environmental pollutions. To mitigate the negative impacts on environment, many logistics enterprises need to have the effective solutions to manage their fuel consumption and evaluate the gas emissions…

...To digital transformation to optimize the business activities

Currently, with the non-stop development of technologies, the online management platform may help enterprise maximize all business management activities, from track the route and vehicle fuel consumption, reduce or clear the supervision of printed invoices or bills by using the no-cash online fuel transactions... and monitor the gas emission... According to Mr Thomas, if apply these platforms, many logistics enterprises can enhance the activiy efficiency as well as open more opportunities for growth and new pathways for commercial activities.

According to information from Dibee Director, enterprises that used Dibee technologies can save from 10% - 30% cost of vehicle operation and control effectively the fuel consumption leve

According to information from Dibee Director, enterprises that used Dibee technologies can save from 10% - 30% cost of vehicle operation and control effectively the fuel consumption leve

With more than 20 years working specifically in digital solutions, along with understanding the demands and development opportunites in Vietnam, Mr Thomas Beurthey and his colleagues at Dibee has chosen and built a solution in order to improve the efficiency of fleet management, reduce fuel costs. The solution that Dibee offers is the electronic payment function via smart card system without cash or fuel vouchers to transact and fleet fuel management function through the reporting system according to real time for each transaction, analysis, automatic warning of unusual transactions. In order to bring specific values for businesses such as saving fuel consumption costs and operating personnel, reducing the risk of cash advances to drivers, minimizing paper transactions, control documents, save and optimize human resources through automatic reporting system. Strengthen the capacity to monitor fuel norms and prevent frauds through the monitoring system warning of abnormal transactions.

According to information from Dibee Director, enterprises that used Dibee technologies can save from 10% - 30% cost of vehicle operation and control effectively the fuel consumption level. Applying solutions provided by Dibee will help enterprises save time for operation and management, reduce pressure from control treatments, invoices and documents administration... then help to attract and approach to more new clients and shorten many procedures.

Currently in Vietnam market, Dibee solution is being applied by transport enterprises across the country such as DHL, Biti’s, DB Schenker, Schenker Logistics, Transimex, ALC, Avis, Green Leaf, Audi, Siam City Cement, An Nam Group,...

Next time, Dibee continuously expands market and partner networks. Dibee only selects the best qualiy petrol stations and put them on the most convinient locations along the key routes. As a result, the fleet of enterprises is always fueled in time and he journey is secured. Dibee also creates many favorable programs and policies, conects with some banks in order to approach and bring more benefits for medium-scale enterprise. At this moment, Dibee, is studying and develop some more transaction methods like integrating toll fees and vehicle maintenance and repair cost.

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