TBS Logistics: 10 years together to build up the future

(VLR) 10 years in not a very long time to the development history of an enterprise. However, with its planned business strategies and achievements today, TBS Logistics has affirmed the growth of the brand of TBS Group. And TBS Logistics has always been accompanying its partners and customers to provide them the best logistics services, which is also a contribution to the develop of Vietnam logistics sector.

Growing up from the homeground

Binh Duong is a province located in the Southern Key Economic Zone- one of the gateway with the fast and stable growing economy in the country. The province enjoys geographical advantages: being located near HCMC, and provinces of Dong Nai, Tay Ninh and Binh Phuoc; having developed road transport infrastructures; enabling to connect seaports, river ports, stations, and airports in the region.

Its favorable geographical location has become a lever to boost up the logistics sector, helping to cut cost and to improve values and competition feature for both goods flowing in the country and goods imported- exported- a contribution to the fast and stable economy of Binh Duong province.

Established in 2009, TBS Logistics started its business as a young member of TBS Group. Initially, the company was founded to support TBS Group with logistics services to help it take initiative in business activities, save cost and increase competition abilities. Making good use of advantages in favorable geographical location, synchronously invested and modern transport infrastructures and fast development of the industry and trade service, TBS Logistics has developed remarkably, not only ensuring its own production activities but also serving its partners and customers with the best services it can offer.

TBS Logistics serves its customers in fields of:

» CFS services

» Bonded warehouse services

» Local cargo delivery center

» Stevedoring for bonded warehouse, empty container yards

» Local and cross border transport

» Customs brokerage

» Seaway, air-way fee service

Modern facilities and equipment

In the progress of development, TBS Logistics has always aimed at modernization with its warehouse system and vehicles continuously invested, expanded and updated. In July 2019, TBS Logistics receive the quality control certificate ISO 9001:2015 by BSI.

In economy changes, TBS has maintained its stable growth at the high level, its annual average income increases around 25%. The result has been achieved thanks to intensively applying IT in management and operation as Warehouse Management System (WMS), Yard Management System (YMS) and Transport Management System (TMS) on the basis of cloud computing, practical access and barcode system..., ensuring transparency and cost efficiency for customers and enterprises.

Infrastructures and equipment has been synchronously invested with the shelf system of 6 layers and multi-function pallet for various products: electric products, furniture, consuming products and production materials...; over 70 forklifts of all kinds; 33,000 pallet positions, automatic fire fighting system and over 200 CCTV 24/7 security cameras, and backup generators...

Go on with the new journey

With good orientation and business strategy, with strategic vision and whole hearted efforts from the Board of Directors and the Board of Administration, TBS has aimed at the targets of being in Top 10 of the country’s leading logistics centers for greater trust from local and foreign partners.

The staff of over 500 professional, whole-hearted employees has made the company develop stably to achieve higher targets, being the number one choice of all partners and customers.

Besides ceaseless attempts to develop the company, TBS logistics knows each enterprise should have contribution to the common interests of the community. And the company has had annual charity programs to help people with difficulties... Besides, soccer tournaments, music contests and skill contests have been held to offer helpful playgrounds to employees to help release stress and to tighten relationship among them.

Aiming to the target of sales of VND 1,000bn in the coming years, the company has continuously improved to upgrade values, product and service quality, reasonable price, environment friendliness, efficient use of resources, expense and risk reduction to go further in cooperation with both local and foreign strategic partners for higher stature, and to create trust and close relationship to customers and partners for sustainable development.


• March 2009: Completion Ceremony and put the Bonded Warehouse and CFS no.1 in the area of 21,000m2 into operation.

• October 2009: Completion Ceremony and put the Bonded Warehouse and CFS no.2 in the area of 16,500m2 into operation

• October 2010: Completion Ceremony of Tan Van ICD and Depot in the area of 20,000m2

• March 2011: Completion Ceremony of the Warehouse no.3 in the area of 22,500m2

• August 2015: Completion Ceremony of the Bonded Warehouse and CFS of 47,500m2

• November 2018: Completion Ceremony of the Warehouse no.6 and Delivery Center of 51,000m2

• September 2019: Expanding the new delivery center system to Song Than Industry Zone in the area of 36,000m2; Completion Ceremony of TBS Depot of 60,000m2 (10,000TEUs) with My Phuoc, Tan Van Expressway going through

Until 2019, TBS Logistics has had 220,000m2 of warehouse and 130,000m2 of yard

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