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Tay Ninh - a beautiful border land

(VLR) Tay Ninh is famous for its Ba Den Mountain- the highest mountain in the Southern and Tay Ninh Cao Dai Cathedral- the largest religious architecture of Cao Dai Religion. And there are many more attractive tourist attractions waiting for your discovery…

Ba Den Mountain is the symbol of the province. With the height of 10,000 above the sea level, it is the highest mountain in the South where there is a historical, cultural and tourism place famous for the worship ceremony of Linh Son Holy Mother- one of symbols of the Mother Worship Religion in the Southern. In the first month of Lunar New Year, thousands of tourists come to visit the ceremony.

In 2020, the cable system to Ba Den Mountain officially comes into operation. It has three stations with special designs: Ba Den Station with the roof designed alike three waves- symbols of the three famous mountains in Tay Ninh; Chua Hang Station with design alike a 5-floor pagoda, bringing a peaceful feeling for those visiting a pagoda; Van Son Station on the top of the mountain with a classical European architecture. Especially, Ba Den Station – in an area of 11 hectare- was recorded as the largest cable station in the world by Guinness. With those who are interested in mountain climbing, Ba Den Mountain will be a good choice: relatively high enough for mountain climbing and camping activities at the end of the week. Pure air, vast space, natural beauty will attract you for sure.

Tay Ninh Cao Dai Cathedral- a religious architecture of Cao Dai Religion, a symbol of belief of the religion. It was built on the vast area with other minor works as temples and towers. It was concrete-built with bamboo inside with the length of over 100 meters. It has 12 doors; inside a 2 rows of colorful dragoncarved pillars. The cathedral has nine levels called “Holy Nine Levels” and in the middle, there is a big globe- a symbol of the universe- with the Sacred Eye in front. Tourists, who visit the Cathedral, will have knowledge of one of the most popular religions in Vietnam.

With typical geographical terrain of the Southeastern, Tay Ninh has 3 mountains: Ba Den Mountain, Heo Mountain and Phung Mountain. The three mountains form an area of hundred hectares of primitive forest- untamed but peaceful. Ma Thien Lanh Valley was formed from these features: vast green forest, whispering streams, cool air will charm tourists. Tourists can visit Binh Thanh ancient tower, and Chop Mat Tower- proofs of Oc Eo civilization of thousands years ago. Dau Tien Lake with its beautiful scenery is also a good choice.

Besides tourist attractions, Tay Ninh is also a home of dew-wetted rice paper and shrimp salt. Rice paper is made from many stages. You should not miss a dish: a roll with slices of pork and various special herbal leaves, which you cannot find elsewhere, is surely a good bite. Tay Ninh shrimp salt, another specialty, will be an interesting gift for family and friends. With shrimp salt and rice paper, Tay Ninh people has made different kinds of rice papers. Street-side store with well-arranged piles of rice paper and shrimp salt vases will be in memory of tourists on their way home.

Although it is still a modest place on Vietnam’s tourism map, Tay Ninh still has its own charms to tourists.

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