Green logistics:

Reduces climate change impacts

(VLR) Logistics enterprises in Vietnam are mostly small and medium-sized ones and their application of green supply chains and green ecology programs has been insignificant. To contribute in the process of protecting environment and dealing with climate change, they have to learn from worldwide logistics “big names” as DHL, FedEx, UPS…

Aiming at go green

In 2010, DHL Express deployed 4 in the total of 14 wide-body Boeing 777 that are capable to reduce up to 18% of carbon emission to environment, which shows a strong commitment of reducing all logistics-related waste emission to 0 by 2050. The improvement and update of the fleet is a part of a strategy of modernizing DHL cross-continent fleet and replacing old ones. Boeing 777Fs are equipped with the best power-saving technology and has the furthest flight range with full load compared to any wide-body cargo planes, which allows DHL to operate more efficiently, meeting increasing global requirements for quick logistics services.

Another innovation applied by DHL is the smart truck program, choosing the shortest and fastest route for drivers based on smart forwarding technologies. 15% of the total emission can be reduced by reducing routes. The program has been being applied in new markets as India- a populated market with increasing number of congestions.

At the beginning of 2020, DHL Express deployed 10 electric motorbikes to their list of environmentally friendly means of transportation in Vietnam- the latest investment from DHL Express to their green solutions in Vietnam: VinFast Klara A1. These electric motorbikes has more advantages: saving power, CO2 emission reduced and having no air-polluted substances.

DHL targets to 2025:

• Reducing 50% of the total of emission to environment compared to that of 2007, based on researches carried out by DHL.

• Reducing local polluted emission by using 70% of green power transportation as bikes, e-motorbikes at delivery points.

• Over 50% of profit has been combined with green solution program, creating a green supply chain

• 80% of DHL staff is experts in Go Green Strategy to protect environment

More use of hybrid vehicles

A hybrid vehicle uses two or more distinct types of power, such as internal combustion engine to drive an electric generator that powers an electric motor. The idea is to create environmentally friendly vehicles with better amount of emission compared to traditionally gas-powered vehicles.

FedEx is one of enterprises with many efforts in environment protection. As DHL, FedEx has deployed a Boeing 777F fleet for more power-saving and CO2 emission reduction. Besides, FedEx has developed Eco-Driving program: FedEx’s drives have instructions to reduce CO2 emission to environment by gentle acceleration, stable speed and reducing no-load operation time.

FedEx has run their Smart Globe program- the program heightens awareness of protecting environment, creating advantages for logistics activities. FedEx has introduced completely electric-powered and hybrid vehicles at big cities as Paris and London for clearer and cleaner communities in the world.

FedEx has been developed a green fleet worldwide: it has operated 364 commercial hybrid truck and 118 electric-powered truck. The company seriously set targets: reducing 30% emission from planes and increasing 50% of performance of their transportation in 2020.

Clean gas and power

Based on the strength of one of the largest private fleet in the sector, using alternative power and cutting-edge technology, UPS has been carrying out strategy to cut power in the whole fleet of 110,000 road vehicles as technologically setting up routes to remove unnecessary road, cutting power and emission, better maintenance for efficient operation. 7,000 vehicles with low emission help to improve sustainable operation abilities. UPS also have power-saving planes, and it has improved existing ones to ensure 100% of its fleet meets ICAO’s regulations on noise-reduction.

UPS has recently worked with Green Biz (an event- media company) for researches on barriers and motivation to electrification, aiming at cost saving and reducing emission to the environment.

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