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5G: New connectivity platform and logistics industry future

(VLR) 5G network technology is considered an important step to open a new era for automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning technology,... and create more value-added services. It is expected that 5G will be widely applied in many fields and industries, including the logistics service industry. According to many experts, the superior potential of 5G is likely to change the way many businesses operate.

5G - New connectivity platform and logistics industry future

5G - New connectivity platform and logistics industry future

5G - New connectivity platform

In the fourth quarter of 2020, three major Vietnamese mobile network operators Viettel, Mobifone and Vinaphone announced the successful test of the 5th generation of wireless networks - 5G. The advancement of 5G network commercialization by these operators has brought Vietnam into the group of the first countries in the world to access this new technology, thereby creating a mastery position in applying new technology and leading in digital transformation trend like today.

According to experts, 5G network allows ultra-high-speed updates, 10 to 100 times faster than existing 4G services, making it possible for us to download extremely large files quickly. 5G technology also has other features such as super low latency, high reliability, low energy consumption and allows to provide many types of services at the same time.

Mr. Luong Pham Nam Hoang, representative of the General Department of Telecommunications - Ministry of Information and Communications said: “The Government has set up system-wide issues of e-Government, digital transformation,... and 5G is the foundation and infrastructure for digital services in digital transformation. The progress of the networks is also clearly directed from the Government to ministries and agencies. In 2025, surfing to popularize 4G internet, 5G will be at 80% and 2030 to popularize 5G broadband nationwide.

Based on the situation, each business strategy will develop according to roadmap and achieve the 4.0 community trend as well as convert national numbers to digital government, digital economy, digital traffic,…”.

5G technology will also help accelerate the process of building smart cities in Vietnam. 5G enables vehicles to connect and communicate with each other, communicate with signal lights and warning zones to increase safety for road users. In addition, the application of 5G network also helps factories improve the speed of automation, simplify many work processes, quickly process large volumes of data and manage production and business activities efficiently.

5G will reduce connection costs, making IoT applications in logistics much more feasible and acceptable. It is time for logistics businesses to embark on the application of 5G technology to create a competitive advantage.

Mr. Pham Minh Tuan, Managing Director of FPT Software

Mr. Dang Kim Long, Communications Director of Huawei Vietnam shared: “5G affects all aspects of society, any fields listed can be used with 5G. 5G network opens up ultra-high speed, ultra-low latency connection technology, allowing for efficient and profitable application for many future fields. 5G is the connection between machine and machine, opening up a very open world of connectivity not only for users but also for many other fields”.

When technology wants to change or transform lives, people must change the way of working to match the technology trends in the new decade. In the year 2021 - 2025, according to the general survey, 5G will become a stream of all technology.

Prospects for the logistics industry

5G technology combined with other digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, bigdata, blockchain,... will allow organizations and businesses of Vietnam in general and businesses in logistics field in particular to join in diversified service ecosystems, contributing to promoting socio-economic development.

5G will help logistics businesses using IoT devices grow to a new height

5G will help logistics businesses using IoT devices grow to a new height

5G will help logistics businesses using IoT devices grow to a new height. With low latency and almost zero, logistics providers will have the ability to update each shipment status in real time. Understand potential shipping delays; Using AI to optimize fleet routes, based on fast and up-to-date data from which to accurately predict when goods will arrive. These benefits will help increase location information, optimize shipping, reduce delays and help customers better prepare for delivery.

In addition, 5G-connected IoT devices can also monitor products with dedicated IoT sensors, thereby providing useful information on measures such as temperature, humidity, lighting, gas level and area that can affect the quality or safety of sensitive products, from there, providing customers with goods quality exceeding expectations.

The advent of 5G has made it possible to narrow distances, optimize the speed and efficiency of shipping goods from the distribution center to the user by supporting new technologies such as drone. A remote pilot can fly a drone with video. Drones, on the other hand, could even become fully autonomous, with 5G communications and sensor assistance.

In the future, dedicated delivery robots can also transport goods in cities and 5G networks will be a powerful support tool for many new logistics technologies.

According to Mr. Pham Minh Tuan, Managing Director of FPT Software, said: “The application of 5G in business operations will be very feasible when the investment cost is low but brings extremely high operational efficiency. In fact, before 5G, businesses had different connectivity solutions. However, for 5G, the investment cost per 1 connected hotspot will be much cheaper instead of investing from scratch as before. 5G will reduce connection costs, making IoT applications in logistics much more feasible and acceptable. It is time for logistics businesses to embark on the application of 5G technology to create a competitive advantage”.

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