All the way to Lang Son…

(VLR) On 18th Feb, the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway has officially waived the toll fees. In addition, there will be more 64km of the national highway will connect Bac Giang city and Lang Son where is the headland of Vietnam, this sounds very far away from Hanoi with hours of moving along the road.

“Quick as a flash” and “progressive”

In fact, the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway was connected with the national highway from 15th Jan 2020. At that time, the project investor had actively proposed Lang Son, as the government authority, to approve the decision to serve people for free during the 2020 Lunar New Year. Like the soft sink ribbon that accrosses the hillsides, break through the mechanism inadequacies, legal troubles and public prejudice, such a beautiful widing road have been drawn in the Northest mountains.

The operation light system has been switched on and a thousand of street lights is lighterning between dark moutainous nights, a giant machine has been moving forwards without rest all day and night to serve for about 300,000 turns of vehicles for free. The 2020 Lunar New Year is the most safety Tet that has never ever had in this route if we remmember the past with traffic congestion for hours, unwanted accidents...then we will understand an important role of this expressway.

With the decision to open the way for free for over 1 month, temporarily putting aside all financial obstacles and unpredictable impacts of the Corona virus epidemic, Deo Ca investor has fosterred the Bac Giang – Lang Son expressway in the meaningful way representing for the sharing, caring and progressive attitude.

This expressway has added one more route having “true values” to serve the society, that value was already created by Deo Ca for 10 years since it made the miracle to build the “oasis” for the rugged South Central. By bringing “white rock cliffs like the goodbye sayings” back to the past and openninga door for the thousand-year faith about the tunnel through the Deo Ca mountain, it has solved the end blocking point at Cu Mong (Phu Yen – Binh Dinh) and expanded trade opportunities in Hai Van (Da Nang – Hue).

The progressiveness, in term of bringing to the community and social benefit, can be recognized not only in this project with the free serving despite of financial difficulties but also in the Cu Mong project in the past, when Deo Ca Group has already helped people to join traffic for free through the tunnel for over 2 months during the 2019 Lunar New Year.

How to bring Lang Son closer?

Decided to operate for free for more than 1 month,temporarily putting aside the difficulties in financial plan and the unpredictable impacts from the corona virus epidemic, Deo Ca investor has launched the Bac Giang – Lang Son highway in a very meaningful way, that is full of sharing spirit and determination.

Bac Giang – Lang Son highway project, approved for investment by the Government in October 2014 then by the Ministry of Transport (MOT) in April 2015, was executed by the Bac Giang – Lang Son BOT Joint Stock Company, including two components: the QL1 component (to improve the surface of the National Highway 1 from Km1+800 – Km106+500) with total length of 110km; and the Highway component (Bac Giang – Lang Son city highway from Km45+100 – Km108+500) with total length of 64km. The total investment for this project was 12,189 billion vnd.

The project was started in 2015, however, due to previous investors’ weak management capacity, leading to failure in the arrangement of credit capital, the project was delayed for nearly 2 years (until June 2017, the QL1 component achieved only 13% of its output and the Highway component hadn’t been started). After strengthening the investors’ capacity, according to MOT’s request, Deo Ca Corporation had solved the issue, arranged the credit, especially resolved many problems and consequences caused by the previous investors to complete the project. In March 2018, QL1 component has been completed and put into operation, helping to improve transport capacity, minimize traffic accidents, and ensure traffic safety on National Highway 1 route going through Bac Giang and Lang Son provinces.

The Highway component has also been completed, not only compensated for the delayed progress but also achieved finishing point earlier than the plan approved by the Governmental authority, creating a miracle of progress by completing 64km of highway within only 2 years.

Given the existing difficulty in financial plan that has not been resolved, as well as the fact that the Chi Lang – Huu Nghi route, the Chi Lang starting point of Bac Giang – Lang Son Highway is still 30km away from Lang Son city and around 43km away from Huu Nghi border gate. With the aim of “find a stable way than a short way out”, Deo Ca Corporation, the main investor of the project, announced that it will continue, together with Lang Son province and the bank, to solve the remaining problems.

On 29th September 2019, the “Dead end” sign put at the celebration of the route launching was a haunting image for the authorities, as well as for those responsible for the development of national infrastructures. It was as a debt to the prosperity and development of the Northern mountainous residents.

At the moment, when returning to the beginning of the route, the “Dead end” sign has been taken away, however, to truly “take away” the dead-end story in reality, more efforts from relevant parties are required, in which the story of resolving 64km of Bac Giang – Lang Son highway represented trust and lessons, that the investors should continue to believe and apply.

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