Industry 4.0 a "golden" chance?

(VLR) PhD. Phan Xuan Dung had an explanation of Industry 4.0: “This is a revolution featured by unification of various technology fields as 3D printing, biotechnology, new- material technology, automatic technology, robot technology, human- machine integration- an industrial revolution that has had no antecedent”.


Industry 4.0 is no longer a “strange word” even to those who sometimes read newspapers or watch TVs. The term has become so popular that it appears in any documents, resolutions and speeches.

It seems that those who compose documents and resolutions feel they cannot catch up with trends without the term. A provincial party secretary in a Southern province just said when hosting a local conference: ”There are those who neither understand nor know Industry 4.0 keeping talking about it”. Although it is a must-do to apply technology to management and production, “it is not a good idea to mention Industry 4.0 at any time anywhere without understanding it”. He emphasized “if you know it, then you can talk about it. And when you understand it, you can do it, especially to cadres.

The first industrial revolution was a revolution in steam engines; the second revolution was a revolution in electric engines; the third revolution came from digitalization, internet and automation. What is the Industry 4.0?

PhD of Science Phan Xuan Dung with experience of a long-time researcher who took part in planning of national science and technology explained it is “an industrial revolution forming on the improved basis of digitalization revolution with new technologies as 3D printing, robot, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), S.M.A.C - the latest basic of the world’s IT, nanotechnology, new materials. Progresses and breakthroughs of the revolution have had no antecedents in history, and it is just in its initial stage”.

Industry 4.0 are happening at an exponential speed compared to previous ones “in the mentioned fields, technological breakthrough will be happening at great speed and with mutual interactions in the digitalized and automated world, with intelligence and efficiency”, he affirmed.

PhD Phan Xuan Dung - Executive Member of the Central Party Committee Chairman of The Assembly’s Science, Technology and Environment Committee

PhD Phan Xuan Dung - Executive Member of the Central Party Committee Chairman of The Assembly’s Science, Technology and Environment Committee


Dung said: “The world’s reality has proved nations and their people did not go through revolutionaries in succession, whether it is a scientific-technical revolution, a scientific-technological revolution or an industrial revolution.” And he said unlike in previous revolutionaries, later inventions put sooner ones in the shade; basis technologies of the Industry 4.0 will be foundation for other technologies and sector to develop.

However, the Industry 4.0 did not come from above and is it a real “golden” chance for Vietnam?

In the trend of scientific developments, big cities in the world have had movements to make them smart cities. Some cities and localities in Vietnam have had attempts to catch up with the trend. The National Committee on E-Government was founded (in accordance to the Decision 1072/QD-TTg by the Government, coming into valid since August 28th, 2018) with the spirit of making people and enterprises serving targets.

In 2019, a target guided by the Government and promoted by the Government Office is to complete the National E-document Exchange Platform, establishing a foundation for integrating and sharing national data, operating the Information system serving meetings and working processes of the e-Cabinet. The introduction of the platform is a step forwards to accelerating digital transformation process among State agencies in order to better serve citizens and businesses. It can be said that the Government and the Prime Minister himself have had great determination in performing a 12-word slogan by the Government.

Dung said in most developed countries in the world there have been no cities recognized as “smart cities”. But there have been factors for Industry 4.0. “I was on a business trip to the border between Greece – Bulgaria – the two poor countries in EU. There were no functional forces in their border as gateway securities and customs. And in the Union State of Russia, there are curved sections for parking, however there are no policemen. The camera system will inform the operation center to collect parking fee... And at the traffic light, traffic participants can have information about temperature, humidity and noise. However they have not been recognized as “smart cities”.

In the field of industry, there have been a Siemens’ factory in Germany and one in Changzhou, China having intelligence of the Industry 4.0: there are connections among robots and human, receiving guidance from one another.


What is an E-Cabinet? Every citizen has the Government by their side. In the office, with their phone, every citizen or enterprise can have questions with the Government and the Prime Minister and they will be answered. The system of law is also by your side, allowing a closer approach to the Government

PhD Phan Xuan Dung - Executive Member of the Central Party Committee Chairman of The Assembly’s Science, Technology and Environment Committee

Vietnam cannot be an “outsider” from the world’s trend. And Vinamilk is a pioneer enterprise applying technology with factors of the Industry 4.0. “In the factory of Ms. Mai Kieu Lien’s, robots automatically recharge themselves (plug in and plug out by themselves), automatically get out of others’ way and automatically load cargo... in the assembly without human- a factor of digitalized economy”, Dung said. It can be said that Industry 4.0 creates unlimited energy in every field.

The Government has had serious actions “What is an E-Cabinet? Every citizen has the Government by their side. In the office, with their phone, every citizen or enterprise can have questions with the Government and the Prime Minister and they will be answered. The system of law is also by your side, allowing a closer approach to the Government,” explained Dung.

“Implement targets, duties and solution to build and develop the E-Cabinet, aiming to a digital Government, digital economy and digital society”. At the end of

January 2019, PM Nguyen Xuan Phuc with a Vietnam’s delegation took part in the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzeland at the invitation from Klaus Schwab – Founder and Executive Chairman of WEF. This has been the second time the PM attended the forum in the position of the head of Vietnam’s Government. PM Phuc and 50 leaders discussed matters on socio-economic developments, environment protection and Industry 4.0’s applications.

However, WEF’s survey said Vietnam mentioned much about the Industry 4.0 but it was ranked 49th. Vietnam has been in a long distance behind developed countries in terms of science and technology. Have we already had the “golden chance”?

Talking about “the way”, Dung said there should be consistency from the Government to every citizen. “Vietnam should change the way of approach. In the world of integration and connection, a key matter is having efficient investments to science, technology, education and high-quality human resource training. They are special factors that create inner forces. And we cannot have a good approach without them”.

We are living in the world that classifications of technology are relative for their characteristics are integrated. The industry 4.0 is also called “the revolution of convergence”. A success of a country also need convergence from its legal corridors, policies, solutions and connections in actions – a positive manner without any misunderstanding or misrecognition.

Theo Ngo Duc Hanh

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