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Speeding up digitalization, aiming at the digital ecosystem eSNP

(VLR) As a leading enterprise in the sea port sector with the import-export container market accounting for over 50% in the country, Saigon Newport Corp (SNP) has soon applied technology in the business activities. Currently, SNP has been speeding up a comprehensive digitalization in customer service, business administration and aiming at the digital ecosystem eSNP which is expected to bring best business efficiency. Its direction and initial success in its digitalization has created active impacts to the future of Vietnam’s logistics sector.


Information and transaction portal (ePort)

ePort was officially put into operation in 2016 with initial function of providing information about containers, vessels schedule, list of import/export containers, and monitoring vessel operation. ePort now has more functions as online declaration and payment, issuing electronic bill, integrating customer loyalty program. It is expected in the 4th quarter of 2020, ePort will integrate a function of automatic liquidation/ and automatic ship recording... with the above functions, customers do not need to go to port for procedure to containers of export cargo. All procedures can be carried out through ePort.

The system of automatic customs monitoring

The system of automatic customs monitoring in Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal was put into operation in October 2018, which help cut time of doing procedures and clearance at the port significantly. Truck queueing time at gate reduced from 13 minutes to 6 minutes; clearance time at e Customs reduced by 2 minutes/ container. These are important factors that helps solve congestions at the port gates, at areas of doing procedures in the ports or incoming /outgoing roads, they also help increase productivity and reduce significantly staff in various departments. It is known that in the period of 2017- 2018, cargo throughput volume at Tan Cang – Cat Lai Terminal increased 17% and the number of staff in procedure departments decreased 43%, the number of staff in the cashier department decreased 36%...

Electronic Delivery Order (eDO)

One of breakthroughs in deployment of the project of electronic port by SNP is the application of eDO. eDO replaces normal delivery orders by sending and receiving electronic data. This interface is part of container-related electronic communications. Messages developed by the UNECE organization facilitate multimodal handling of containers by streamlining exchange of information.

Mr. Truong Tan Loc, Marketing Director of SNP said eDo was one of important solutions contributing in shortening time of procedures which saved costs for enterprises and for society and reduced congestions in area surrounding the ports, this is also a premise to build a green and digitalized Cat Lai Terminal. In fact, many customers are satisfied using eDo for a number of benefits: cost saving, safe and accurate data sending and receiving, and reducing direct contacts- an important factor to prevent COVID-19.

It is known that SNP has applied ePort/ eDO at ports, such as Tan Cang – Hai Phong International Container Terminal (TC-HICT), Tan Cang - Cat Lai Terminal, Tan Cang - Hiep Phuoc Terminal and Cai Mep Terminals (TCTT, TCIT).


Recently, Saigon Newport has successfully deployed a seaport security surveillance system based on technology. This system integrates control ports, surveillance cameras, digital maps to help control the entire area inside and outside the port. Machine learning technology and artificial intelligence in analysis of fire incidents, insecurity through images and automatic alerts to the Port Security Center help to monitor timely and actively operations.

The whole system of Saigon Newport Corporation has dozens of member companies from South to North with 8,600 employees of the Corporation and more than 10,000 employees of satellite units. The digital transformation helps the management of human resource, work management and paper records more conveniently and accurately. Currently, the Corporation is applying digital signatures and document rotation, work management on electronic office systems for both website and mobile versions. This helps improve efficiency in document approval, management, and administration, save time, and save other related costs like printing paper documents.

In addition, Saigon Newport Corporation has a huge amount of data that can be exploited through smart reports. The system of analyzing, aggregating information and forecasting market share, volume, import-export trend as well as analysis of habits and cycles of industry sectors over time helps users have enough data to make strategic decisions as well as plan policies and contracts quickly and efficiently.


Not stopping at a number of projects of digitalization on single areas, on the basis of digital technology which has been built, Saigon Newport has gradually improved itself, aiming at the digital ecosystem eSNP. The ecosystem is a mediate electronic system that help connect network of port organizations. It will simplify, standardized and speed up information exchange among various sides, which will enhance interacting efficiency among customs, maritime and port authorities. Therefore, it is able to optimize management, automate processes, improve service quality and cut cost in port operation and logistics services.

Mr. Truong Tan Loc emphasized: “The building of the digital ecosystem will help to remove traditional manual transaction practice among sides, electronicize processes, which is suitable to sharing economy trend in the time of Industry 4.0

It is also known that in addition to the digital ecosystem eSNP, Saigon Newport has been researching 2 large projects: research on application of IoT in monitoring temperature of reefer containers and automation in parts of port operation process.

In the time of Industry 4.0, digitalization is a must-do for enterprises to exist and develop.

Hong Ut

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