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People’s artist Thai Bao:

Making an mv about uncle Ho with full of meanings

(VLR) These days, Hanoi is so busy when turning to the year end. Surprisingly, I have found the rare peaceful time when siting with the People’s Artist, Thai Bao. She told me that she’s just came back from Ho Chi Minh City with her team who made the MV about the song “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor”. I feel very lucky to have an opportunity to live more slowly with that song combining the past and the presence.

Talking about People’s Artist Thai Bao, no one haven’t known the song stick with her famous name, “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” written by Tran Hoan composer. She sang this song since 1990 and now it has lasted for almost 30 years. The record of this song has been memorized by many audience generations. Since then, this song and her name was almost stick together, music lover always think about Thai Bao when listen to this song and vice versa.

Pepple’s Artist Thai Bao not only performed “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” in the national anniversaries to serve the public in Vietnam but also brought this lyrics to many countries all over the world to serve oversea Vietnamese.

Over 40 years of her career with many great awards, People’s Artist Thai Bao did not have chances or never thought of having a live show; however,a dream of making one MV about “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” always stayed in her mind. A life of the “classical music” singer was not rich, hence the MV making is quite a complicated problem, further required a right time choosing.

Thai Bao always has her own passion and dedication in her “ripen” voice but it must follow “Heaven and Earth” and receive the “Yin Yang support”. She intended to make the MV, not for her famous or PR herself to seek the sponsorship purposes,it was “save for the last” attitude. Her husband, Merited Artist Nguyen Anh Tuan, understand well for her case and supported her a lot in this project.

She incubated her idea to make this MV in 2019 because the year of 2020 will be full of very important anniversaries: 90-year establishment of Communist Party, 75th yearof Vietnam Independence and 130th Uncle Ho’s Birthday. “I am daughter of Nghe region. I was born in the family who trusted and followed the Communist Party and worked for the 1st Theatre, hence the mission serving for politic purpose is always the first priority. So that I am always thinking of this project”, said People’s Artist Thai Bao.

When facing difficulties, Thai Bao had received the share and advices in content creation. “PD, People’s Artist Viet Huong, aimed to make a MV on one of my hits, for thanking my fans and capturing a part of my contribution to the national music during my career.However, in my view, I wanted to prepare a MV about a song praising Uncle Ho because he always kept a very honor and precious place in my heart, then I always have a very special feeling when singing about our great leader”, People’s Artist Thai Bao explained.

To Thai Bao, the hardest thing is finding an instrument combination musician. The reason is that the 2000 “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” version produced by Nguyen Chin in 20 year ago had captured the feeling of the large audiences. The image of Thai Bao wearing a white Ao Dai standing beside a monochord when filming for the song “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” had ingrained subconsciously in the mind of listeners.

It was surely that Thai Bao could not use the old version no matter what how excellent this harmony is. She thought she must blow the time spirit into the song, thus the young listeners can understand deeply about the ideological values of the song but still feel familiar with their era living. While making this MV, People’s Artist Thai Bao only acted as a storyteller, leading the story back to the historic time when Uncle Ho going abroad to find the way to save our country, with a telling voice that would be widely absorbed by many audiences.

The artist Luu Ha An finally agreed to do instrument combination for this song. From the first time, Luu Ha An felt this task was tough, but then he found a feasible solution. He has been widely known as the songwriter for several entertainment shows in Vietnam Television,the author of “The stork” hit and currently become the top instrument combination musician now.

Early in December, People Artist Thai Bao and her crew flied to Ho Chi Minh City for filming of some scenes at Nha Rong Harbor. Before that, she visited Mai Dich Cemetary to burn incense for Tran Hoan composer. Prior to starting this project, her MV crew laid flower to Uncle Ho like a report to president Ho Chi Minh at the Nha Rong Harbor Museum. However, the story is not like that simple.

Luckily, the difficulty of the MV making crew was helped to solve.“The Museum manager said to me that my name is very familiar at Nha Rong Harbor because the song “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” is played everyday for visitors since the establishment of the Museum. Hence,there is no reason for us to refuse helping the crew when you make this MV only for the music love and the proud of our nation”, said People’Artist Thai Bao.

I want to make a MV about the song praising Uncle HO because he remains absolutely sacred place in my heart, and whenever singing the songs about him I always have a special feeling.

People’s Artist Thai Bao and her crew spent 4 busy days in Ho Chi Minh city with a tight schedule: waking up at 2.00am for make-up, waiting for sun rising at Nha Rong Harbor until 4.00am, then filming all the day from the morning til the afternoon. “Everything have run smoothly, it might be due to the acceptance from Uncle Ho and Yin-

Yang support theory as you said”, People’s Artist Thai Bao affirmed with the glitter eyes full of emotion. “All MV making team members either refuse the wage or just receive a very little amount of payment as symbolism”, she mentioned more about the sincere and hearts of the artists and cameramen when helping for MV making.

After finishing outdoor scene at Nha Rong Harbor, the crew was back to Son Tay province for “storytelling” scene of MV. She explained: “Now, MV is at post-production process. However, my debt to Tran Hoan composer, my concern and the guilt feelings deeply in my heart for myself and audiences who love the song “Visiting Nha Rong Harbor” have been solved”.

As far as I know about People’ Artist Thai Bao,I understand that she always cherishes and preserves a very beautiful impression of the artist in public hearts. To her, the artist should be a person who is not only talent but also having good personality and nice behavior when treating people; especially cherish and respect the values because the past, present and future is a flow covering everything. “Visting Nha Rong Harbor” written by Tran Hoan is one of the songs consisting that such beautiful message.

2019 could be considered as a “special”for People’s Artist Thai Bao. In Mar 2019, she was invited to the “Ceremony party” hosted by Vietnam’s President cum Communist Party’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to welcome the North’ Korean president Kim Jong-un on his visit to Vietnam.

At the show “Spring’s Sunshine”, People’s Artist Thai Bao performed the song “Fascination”, that means passion in Vietnamese, to praise the North Korean leader, President Kim Jong-Il. President Kim Jong-un and Vietnam’s President cum Communist Party’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong congratued her due to her successful performance that can touch the heart of the North Korean leader.

At the show “Spring’s Sunshine”, People’s Artist Thai Bao performed the song “Fascination”, that means passion in Vietnamese, to praise the North Korean leader, President Kim Jong-Il. President Kim Jong-un and Vietnam’s President cum Communist Party’s General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong congratulated her due to her successful performance that can touch the heart of the North Korean leader.

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