Disputes on liability limitation of carrier
The right to limit the carrier's liability is not an implicit right and this right may be voided through the lawsuit below for your reference.
  • Disputes about insurance on consolidation of goods
    (VLR) Goods can be consolidated, batched, packed, sorted, and grouped for a certain period of time before being loaded onto a trailer for carriage to the consignee. Disputes about whether the time to do these things are within the scope of insurance liability or not is an issue worth knowing (through the lawsuit with the documents of a foreign law firm) below for readers’ reference.
  • Disputes on authority to sign contracts
    (VLR) In the signature section at the end of each contract, representatives of each party are usually stated. A dispute happened when a party assumed that the representative was not the lawful representative or was just a branch director, so the contract was invalid. The following disputes developments with the arbitral tribunal’s analysis could help prevent damages due to disputes for readers’ reference.
  • Disputes on time bar
    (VLR) “Time bar meant a time limit during which entities/ individuals were entitled to sue, requesting the Court to resolve civil cases to protect their infringed legitimate rights and interests; if that time limit ended, the right to sue was lost” (Clause 3 Article 150 of 2015 Civil Code). However, paying billions of VND just because of not knowing that the time bar already expired or there were cases where the time bar was “unlimited” (law suit could be started at any time), or “extended” (time excluded from time bar) through some lawsuits below so that you could see the importance of time bar.