Economic Zone

Free Trade Zone (FTZ)
road to investment attraction and development of logistics services for Vietnam
Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has no longer been an unfamiliar phrase to many developed countries in the world. However, in Vietnam, the legal corridor has not been completed to meet the needs of this development type in recent years.
  • Nghi Son's extreme growth
    I was present in Nghi Son for the first time in 2003 when Wharf 1 of the Nghi Son seaport was inaugurated, and the second time in 2004 when Wharf 2 was under construction. This time, I returned to Nghi Son with a group of artists and journalists from the Thanh Hoa Association in Hanoi. The artists were invited to visit and experience the place. Nghi Son is one of the “Four Mountains” along with Sam Son, Dong Son, and Lam Son - the four extreme growth points of Thanh Hoa province.
  • Thanh Hoa promotes cargo circulation through Nghi Son Port
    In 2023, Thanh Hoa Province strives to reach about 47.7 million tons of cargo through Nghi Son Port. To achieve this goal, the province together with other departments and port operators are making efforts to deploy solutions to support and facilitate enterprises when they carry out import- export procedures.