Thanh Hoa promotes cargo circulation through Nghi Son Port

By Tue Minh|22/03/2023 11:13

In 2023, Thanh Hoa Province strives to reach about 47.7 million tons of cargo through Nghi Son Port. To achieve this goal, the province together with other departments and port operators are making efforts to deploy solutions to support and facilitate enterprises when they carry out import- export procedures.

After many years of hiatus due to the Covid-19 epidemic, in early 2023, CMA-CGM returned to carry out its container shipping services through Nghi Son Port. Its Cape Quest transported 167 40-feet containers and 30 20-feet containers with the total weight of 364 TUE to Hong Kong China. The transport items this time was white stone, cassava chips and wood pellets.


Having been invested and developed after many national seaports, Nghi Son Seaport has overcome the limitations of the lack of synchronization in port infrastructure. Currently, Nghi Son Port area has many zones and ports that have completed infrastructure investment and come into operation as the No. 1 general port area including 12 ports of PTSC General Petroleum Service Port JSC. Thanh Hoa and Dai Duong Mineral Investment JSC., Long Son Industry Co., Ltd.; 3 specialized port areas associated with Nghi Son Refinery and Petrochemical projects, Nghi Son Cement Plant, Nghi Son 1 Thermal Power Plant and 1 coal import wharf of Nghi Son 2 BOT Thermal Power Plant...

To create attraction for shipping lines, logistics units and enterprises transporting cargo through Nghi Son Port and to create a breakthrough in import- export activities through Nghi Son Port system, on July 13- 2022, the People’s Council of Thanh Hoa province issued Resolution no.248 on the policy of supporting international and domestic sea transport vehicles, supporting enterprises to transport goods by container through Nghi Son Port. 


Accordingly, the support level for international sea transport vehicles through Nghi Son Port will be increased to VND 500 million/trip (an increase of VND 300 million/trip compared to the support policyof Resolution no.166). At the same time, supplementing the policy to support domestic means of transport by container 300 million VND/trip. Enterprises transporting goods by container through Nghi Son Port are also supported with 2 million VND/20-feet container and 3 million VND/40-feet container when opening declarations at Thanh Hoa Customs; supporting VND 700,000/ 20-feet container and VND 1 million / 40-feet container when enterprises do not open declarations at Thanh Hoa Customs. The policy implementation period is until December 31, 2026. This is really a favorable policy for export enterprises.

Nghi Son Port System has been planned in detail, including 62 berths, in which there are 10 container terminals, 22 general berths, the rest are specialized berths with the expected cargo capacity of about 75 million tons pa. Besides, there are areas planned for petroleum depots, port service areas, and logistics areas... Nghi Son Port is able to receive vessels of up to 320,000 tons for stevedoring.


It is known that after Resolution no.248 was issued, the Management Board of Nghi Son Economic Zone and Industrial Parks held a meeting with business associations, domestic and international shipping lines, and leaders from enterprises related to import- export activities in the provinces of Thanh Hoa, Nghe An and Ninh Binh to disseminate policies, and at the same time discuss recommendations, problems and their solutions. At the same time, they called for shipping lines that have advantages in East Asia to cooperate and to lower costs of shipping service fees through the port to improve competition abilities and to attract more cargo and maintain sustainable import- export activities through Nghi Son Port.


From the beginning of 2023 so far, Nghi Son Port Border Gate Customs Branch has strengthened coordination with port service operators to support enterprises in the process of customs procedures and solving arising problems. , implementing mechanisms and policies, creating favorable conditions for enterprises to do smooth and quick clearance procedures.

In 2022, the total import- export turnover through the port reached USD 9,083 million- an increase of 161% compared to that of 2021; state budget revenue through Nghi Son port reached over VND 17,600 billion.

So far, there have been two shipping companies: CMA-CGM and VIMC, opening container routes through Nghi Son Port. This is a positive result from the fact that Thanh Hoa called for efforts and implemented mechanisms and policies that encourage shipping companies, logistics enterprises and enterprises to carry out shipping and cargo transport services through Nghi Son Port.

The opening of a container ship route through Nghi Son port not only reduces transportation costs for Thanh Hoa province’s import-export enterprises, but also attracts about 12,000 containers from enterprises in Ha Tinh, Nghe An and Ninh Binh to the port each year. . According to the calculation of Nghi Son Port Customs Branch, after the container route is put into stably operation, it is expected that the province will collect an additional import- export tax from VND1,500 billion to VND2,000 billion annually. In addition, the saving of 45 - 50% in freight costs from enterprises in Thanh Hoa also increases the revenue and payment to the domestic budget; creating more jobs for local workers; reducing the load of road transport vehicles; at the same time, creating favorable conditions to attract many enterprises to invest in Nghi Son Economic Zone and surrounding areas.

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Thanh Hoa promotes cargo circulation through Nghi Son Port