Abivin - Optimizing logistics operations

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(VLR) For over 5 years of developments with many ups and downs, Abivin has had trademarks in both domestic and international logistics markets. Pham Nam Long - Executive Director of Vietnam Abivin J.S.Chas an expectation Abivine will be a unicorn Startup in the future, putting forward practical solutions for operation optimizing in the future.

Abivin - Optimizing logistics operations

Abivin - Optimizing logistics operations

After 5 years of establishment, how different has Abivin been and what difficulties has it overcome to achieve results at the present? How effective were Abivin’s solutions to enterprise customers?

At the start, Abivin was just a small groups of members who had time studying and working abroad and wanted to use technology to change the logistics sector in Vietnam. So far, we have had over 80 members in representative offices in Hanoi, HCMC and Singapore.

Pham Nam Long - Executive Director of Vietnam Abivin J.S.C

Pham Nam Long - Executive Director of Vietnam Abivin J.S.C

We spend a lot of time surveying the market, meeting and having exchanges with various parties from large multinational groups to small and mediumsized enterprises to know exactly their needs and requirements. At the time, many customers were still not 100% ready for digitalization: their documents and data have not yet compiled for digitalization.

We are continuously offering various options for product development. For example, we offer choices of using a common platforms or creating different products. However, Abivin has decided to perfect a common platform- Abivin vRoute- to save costs and maximize operations. The difficult is the system is always under pressure from strict customers’ requirements: 24/7 stability, high SLA (99.6%) while still having to change dozen of features/week.

For more value to enterprises, we expand the solution’s capabilities and have more focus on enterprise groups as shippers or vehicles owners. Using our technology, shippers can optimize the choice of prices and vehicle owners; vehicles owner can combine and optimize continuous full cargo shipment for many shippers.

Beside we also divided into group of international enterprises, inter-provincial enterprises and urban ones to offer suitable solutions for their resources, warehouse, vehicles and processes.

Compared to software by competitors, what are Abivin’s advantages?

To compete with competitors, we identified Abivin’s products need to serve the most hard-to please customer. Abivin has currently had some advantages in the market:

(1) Abivin has impressive customers, including those belonging to top 10 of the largest groups nationwide and worldwide, which make the company more persuasive to gain trust from other customers.

(2) Abivin vRoute system stands thanks to its unique flexible optimization algorithm that helps solve difficult problems in logistics as vehicle routing problem, cargo picking and dropping, automatic selection of best transporters, 3D cargo loading, and cold chain transport. Besides, we feel confident with our ability in big data analytics, AI and machine learning.

(3) Abivin has provided enterprises solutions with the most competitive price in the Southeast Asia (and even in the world) with persuasive ROI.

(4) Abivin’s products support various languages for various countries worldwide, with localization capabilities. In addition, features can be customized to suit different needs and business characteristics from customers.

Abivin is honored to be named in the category

Abivin is honored to be named in the category

What technology products does Abivin provide to its particular customers? And why do transport enterprises need to use Abivin’s products?

Abivin’s customers include 5 main objects in the supply chain: ports, manufacturers, distributors, retailers and transport enterprises/3PL.

With inter-province transport, with 31 blocks of cargo, if the truck can stack only 30 blocks and there is 1 block left. And that block itself needs to be transported for over 300km, the transport cost will be huge for the vehicle owner. With the use of Abivin vRoute solution, inter-province transporters can maximize the full capacity (more than 85% in average) and thus they can reduce costs and delivery human resource 10% - 30%.

In urban transport, e-trade enterprises and distributors are having fierce competition in Service Level Agreement (SLA), therefore, effective order consolidating in every minute is an important need.

Abivin has won many awards in the country and abroad, including the championship of the Startup World Cup 2019 in the U.S, the first prize of Startup in logistics and the Southeast Asia Supply Chain in the Rice Bowl Award 2018, or the prize of the Excellent Digitalization Product of the Vietnam’s Digitalization 2020… Winning these achievement has something to do with Abivin?

The fact that Abivin won a number of awards showed our logistics problemsolving technology has been recognized and gained attention from enterprises, local organizations to experts and international large groups. This is to confirm that Abivin’s solution is on the right track and meets the market’s needs.

Besides, these awards are also a great motivation for Abivin’s staff to improve their products for more practical values and benefits for enterprises in particular and for the logistics sector and the supply chain in general.

It is possible to say Abivin’s development is suitable to the trend of the time of digitalization. Abivin has any strategy with ambition to make it soon become a number one company in term of software solution in the field of logistics in Vietnam?

Abivin has been currently focusing on becoming a software service enterprise SaaS. We offer a roadmap of product development with comprehensive features of management, optimization, customer care service quality assurance and commitments of output efficiency.

We keep using Vietnam as a springboard to build core features because in domestic markets, the logistics sector is facing problems of underdeveloped infrastructures, having too many manual stages in logistics operation- especially in the stage of transport (accounting for a large amount in logistics operation costs). Besides, we keep expanding our market in the region. So far Abivin has had its presence in 5 countries- Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Indonesia and Japan.

In the next couple of years, the company will keep improving customers’ portraits and characteristics of shippers’, vehicles owners’ and various business segments’ to have more accurate identification of matters in operations of each object’s. In the next 3 to 8 years, Abivin will focus on the growth of 2 - 3 times/ year to become the number one solution in the field of logistics optimization in the Southeast Asia.

Thank you!

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Abivin - Optimizing logistics operations