Deo Ca group: Spreads the learning sprit in the whole system

Ha Phuong|15/08/2022 15:46

Many training and exchange programs with diverse and prac cal topics have been carried out from o ces to project sites, arousing the spirit of learning in the whole Deo Ca Group system.


Recently, the general directors together with DCG’s training department have conducted many training program “Deo Ca Culture Integration” in the sites of Cam Lam-Vinh Hao, Truong Vinh, Thung Thi, Hai Van, and Deo Ca... offcials and employees have been conveyed and exchanged about Deo Ca’s special culture.


At each project site with specific characteristics, the training curriculum is adjusted to suit the recipients. Director of Truong Vinh tunnel project said: “In Truong Vinh we have a meeting session weekly. The content is to impart cultural background knowledge to employees. For these projects, some of our staff  have been recruited from the localities, so the main thing is to communicate to the employees that this is the worthwhile environment for them to work for a long time. After the end of the project, maybe they will continue to accompany us on other projects.”

In the Central, with training programs, in special talks with the staff, Deo Ca Transport Infrastructure Investment JSC. (HHV) has always invited the Board of Directos members to attend to impart more information and directions from the Group as well as to listen to employees’ ideas directly. In addition, in these training programs HHV also cooperated effectively with universities and vocational schools in the Central.


Nguyen Quang Huy- General Director of HHV said: “The coordination of training organization comes from the needs of both sides. Students will understand more about DCG. This is an address for them to contribute a er graduation. We also create the best possible conditions for them to learn, practice and create human resources to prepare for our future.”

According to Ngo Truong Nam- DCG’s General Director: “In parallel with the cooperation for academic program, specialized department also share experience in form of passing down experience, spreading a learning movement in the whole system”.

The union also organized many field trips to construction sites, listening to the ideas from workers in the projects. In addition, the DCG Union also visited the homes of workers who had diffculties in life in the Hue - Da Nang area and discussed with the regional management board to consider creating conditions for them for long-term job opportunities.

For specialized training cooperation, Deo Ca has cooperated with units such as the Central College of Transport 4, the Hong Lam Technical and Economic Vocational School... for training classes serving employees working at the sites.

The training content for the construction groups includes driving, construction vehilces driving, driller - blaster, welder, concrete sprayer... Regarding the work of tunnel and road operation, the training contents includes re protection, first aid, road patrol, occupational safety...

When participating in the training course, students are equipped with knowledge, professional skills and operating procedures for machinery and equipment related to work. At the same time, it helps students improve their sense of self-discipline to abide by labor discipline, have a sense of responsibility for the
assigned work, and abide by the rules and regulations
of the unit and the industry. Not only theoretical training, each course o en has a practical part right on the construction site where students are working in order to master the operations that have been trained in the theory. After that, students will take the exam and be granted a vocational certificate.

DCG General Director Ho Dinh Chung said that the training aimed at improving the quality of human resources for the construction of projects the Group has been implementing.

“With a very large expected workload coming, Deo Ca Group has been implementing many plans in parallel to strengthen human resources. In addition to increasing recruitment, training to improve the quality of employees is an important step in the Group’s human resources strategy,” added Chung.

Previously, Deo Ca Group held a seminar for human resource linkage development with participation of typical teachers and students from 15 universities, colleges and vocational schools across the country to introduce Deo Ca’s business and cultural activities of Deo Ca to students, thereby strengthening the cooperation relationship with universities in training and supplying human resources for the system.

During the seminar, President of the Board of Directors Ho Minh Hoang a remed the view on the importance of human resource to the organization:” Money can be borrowed; culture and human resource cannot be. They should to be built up”,

Also in the discussion, the leaders of DCG Executive Board presented prospects of the transport infrastructure sector and the personnel needs of the system in the coming time. As expected, the volume of contruction and installation in the period of 2022- 2025 can reached VND 38.700bn with 300 km of expressways, 25 km of bridges, 9 km of built- through- mountain tunnels and M&E construction.

To meet the huge workload in the coming time, Deo Ca Group has prepared plans to attract human resources of equivalent scale. It is expected that by 2025, the number of employees of the Group will be more than 10,000 employees. Deo Ca has linked and cooperated with universities, colleges and vocational schools for the group’s human resource need. For engineering - technology needs, the group cooperates with Hanoi University of Civil Engineering, University of Transport, University of Science and Technology, Vinh University of Industry... for nance needs, the group has a liated with National Economics University, Hanoi National University, University of Law, Academy of Finance...


The seminar received a lot of practical exchange ideas from leaders and typical students of universities. Hoang directly answered students’ questions about nancial management, human resource training and had an intimate conversation, frankly sharing with them about his views on learning, life skills future orientation...

Associated Prof. PhD Bui Duc Tho- President of the National Economics University Council said from achievements by Deo Ca, Vietnamese people could do works of international levels, realizing dreams of Vietnames people. “We hope to have further cooperation with Deo Ca Group for comin targets, contributing to the Group’s success, bringing practical values for people and being a perfect piece to the system in the future”.

Also in this program, Deo Ca held a signing ceremony of cooperation agreements with 6 universities: Danang University of Science and Technology, Central College of Transport V, Quy Nhon University, and Ha Noi University of Construction, University of Transport Technology and HCMC University of Transport. The contents of agreements to encourage, support and facilitate learning and job opportunities for students, linking training with social needs, and at the same time strengthening the cooperative relationship between Deo Ca and the univeristies.

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Deo Ca group: Spreads the learning sprit in the whole system