Deoca & NEU, Cooperation in training human resources

By Ngoc Trang|22/05/2023 16:36

Deo Ca group and the National Economics University (NEU) have just held a ceremony to summarize cooperation in human resource training in the period of 2019 – 2023, and signed a cooperation agreement for the period of 2023 - 2028.

The first “realistic” course graduated

NEU’s Board of Directors awarded the diplomas of the Executive MBA program to 30 new Masters from Deo Ca Group. Prof. and Dr. Pham Hong Chuong - Rector of NEU warmly congratulated the success of the new Masters, and affirmed that this is a testament to the successful cooperation between NEU and Deo Ca in the period of 2019 - 2023. He said that the school recognizes the important contributions of the Group's leaders in creating conditions for students to study fully and seriously, to bring useful knowledge to students for solving human resource problems. “I believe that, with the systematic knowledge that you have been equipped with, you will continue to reach new successes, become talented managers and leaders to bring your business to the next level”, Prof. and Dr. Pham Hong Chuong expressed.


Mr. Ho Minh Hoang - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Deo Ca Group stated that the spirit of non-stop learning has helped businesses overcome difficulties to have success and the whole system must continue to learn and study all of our lives. He expressed his gratitude to the University and NEU teachers, at the same time, congratulated 30 Deo Ca students who had just graduated from the Executive Master's training course and reminded the new Masters to continue to study and develop themselves, making ways for the next generation to follow for a successful Deo Ca Group with knowledge, strength and confidence.

Deo Ca Executive MBA class has been opened since 2019, preeminent by the curriculum co-developed by NEU and Deo Ca to build content according to the actual needs of businesses. The training curriculum is a combination of management theory operating and practical operations of the business, helping students with knowledge, improve applicability in the process of business operation and management. In many subjects, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and members of the Advisory Council of the Group participated in the class, evaluated and gave suggestions to students and the program.

In particular, when implementing master's thesis topics, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Group asked the students to divide into groups to perform 11 topics taken from the Group's practice of production and business activities, revolving around the motto:"Managing people - Managing jobs - Managing profits". The thesis was completed under the guidance of the lecturers, with the critical comments of the advisors and experts of Deo Ca Group.


After the first senior Master of Management course for Deo Ca Group at NEU completed, besides equipping the Deo Ca employees with operating knowledge, this is also an opportunity for the school to better understand the human resource needs that businesses want to have, thereby improving the training program in the direction of becoming more and more practical for training cooperation with enterprises in the future.

Improve the quality of training programs

On the basis of the successes in the past cooperation, Deo Ca Group and NEU signed a cooperation agreement for the period of 2023 - 2028. Accordingly, the two sides will coordinate in building, implementing and developing training and human resources programs. Deo Ca will also create conditions for NEU students to participate in practical experience activities at enterprises. At the same time, the two sides promote the implementation of consulting activities, transfer of management technology in the fields suitable to the strengths and strategic goals of each side.

In addition, Deo Ca Group will build a scholarship fund to sponsor in the field of human resource training for businesses. This fund is granted toexcellent students, introduced by the National Economics University and students who are committed to long-term work for Deo Ca and carry out research projects applying science, technology, new materials, new structure, new construction
methods suitable to the needs of Deo Ca Group.

Talking about the orientation of cooperation in the upcoming years between the two sides, Mr. Ho Minh Hoang expressed his wish to continue with the school to innovating the training methods and contents for the following courses in order to have more "realistic approach", in which it is necessary to take practical needs as a measure, and at the same time, strengthen connections and create conditions for students, trainees and teachers to directly interact with businesses. “We will send staff to participate in teaching assistants, select good students to attend so that schools, businesses, students and staff can develop together and bring practical values to society, association, contributing to the development of the country", Mr. Ho Minh Hoang said.


Moreover, representatives of leaders of NEU and Deo Ca Group exchanged and shared with students around the development potential of transport infrastructure, job opportunities and career development at Deo Ca Group.

It can be said that the cooperation in training and development of quality human resources is the basis for Deo Ca Group to promote the spirit of "Dare to think - Dare to do - Dare to be responsible", to bring more man for key projects on the North-South Expressway, surpass difficult projects such as Tan Phu - Bao Loc, Dong Dang - Tra Linh ... and many other traffic projects. These things carrying out with the mission of "contributing to bring safe and prosperous life for the people and country of Vietnam”.

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Deoca & NEU, Cooperation in training human resources