Deo Ca group pioneers technology innovations in the field of transportation

By Lam Tra|28/01/2023 11:38

In= hightly appeciate Deo Ca Group in pioneering applications of digital technology in surveying, designing and managing transport infrastructure projects” (Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho).

On December 15, in Hanoi, Deo Ca Group held a signing ceremony of cooperation agreement with A2Z Construction Consulting JSC (A2Z) - Port Design Consulting Joint Stock Company - Marine Engineering (Portcoast) on the application of digital technology in surveying, designing and managing transport infrastructure projects.


According to Ho Minh Hoang- Chairman of Deo Ca Group, digital transformation in corporate governance is to improve the efficiency of production and investment and transparency. It is the desire of enterprises, people and orientation the Party and the State in recent years. Since 2013, Deo Ca Group has actively researched and gradually applied digital technology in project management and operation such as quality management, volume management and construction progress by images through the camera system installed on construction sites, by Flycams in combination with operating vehicles... However, optimized managements have not been achieved yet.

Sharing experience from tasks of deployment in large projects as Tunnels of Deo Ca, Cu Mong, Hai Van and Expressways of Bac Giang- Lang Son, Trung Luong- My Thuan, Hoang said it is necessary to have management through modern digital devices, to digitalize management process and quick assessment of information for accurate decisions.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Deputy Minister of Transport Le Dinh Tho emphasized that technology application is an inevitable trend of the Industry 4.0, and society development law that meet practical needs. 


Tho said: “First of all, I highly appreciate the thoughts, ideas and innovations in project management from the head people of Deo Ca Group. I know there are many businesses that have studied research technologies for traffic infrastructure construction but they have not been able to have comprehensive and synchronous implementation. If the technologies under this cooperation agreement are successfully applied, Deo Ca Group will be the pioneer- the “steel fist” -in the process of implementing projects of transport infrastructures.

According to the leaders of the Ministry of Transport, Deo Ca Group has been going in the right direction. The enterprise has constantly innovated in terms of organization, management, and learned from practical experience from projects of Deo Ca Tunnel, Cu Mong Tunnel and Hai Van tunnel to ensure progress and quality when implementing projects. At the beginning of implementing Deo Ca Tunnel, there were difficulties, the enterprise learned from them and applied advanced technologies from abroad.

Then, when implementing Hai Van Tunnel, things were much better: there was the use of technology for management instead of human. And the human resource of Deo Ca group has always been upgraded for they know it is human that decide everything: skills and knowledge of Deo Ca’s staff have always been improved.

According to Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tho, on key traffic project sites, especially the Eastern North- South Expressway being implemented, the Ministry of Transport has learned lessons of experience. “We realized that to carry out tasks assigned by the Government, there should be innovation. If you are a decisive person, you need to have the right awareness. When you are aware of your duties, you will carry out them well,” said Tho.

Tho also highly appreciated Deo Ca Group for pioneering the application of digital technology in surveying, designing and managing transport infrastructure projects. “Ways of thinking should be definitely changed, technology should be put in to improve management. State’s management agencies and contractors should change their mindset as well. If contractors have the same mindset as Deo Ca Group does, we are very secure,” said Tho.

Deo Ca Group’s investment in these modern technologies falls at a time when the transportation industry has a “huge” workload, especially the North-South expressway phase 2. “Indeed, in this context. The application of modern technology such as Deo Ca Group and A2Z, Portcoast is doing is very necessary”, Deputy Minister Le Dinh Tho said and further affirmed, the transport industry needs. It is necessary to spread the thinking of applying modern technology that these 3 businesses are doing.

The fact that Deo Ca Group had investments in modern technology happened at the time the transport sector had a “huge” work load, especially in phase 2 of the North-South Expressway. “In the context, applying modern technologies as Deo Ca Group, A2Z, and Portcoast are doing is very necessary”. The mindset of applying modern technology should be widely spread in the transport sector.


“Technology will basically solve difficulties in the current context. Checking by technology is surely faster than checking by documents. The technology can also be the judge for the process of post-inpection,” said Tho.

According to the cooperation agreement, Deo Ca Group will apply digital technology to improve project management when using LiDAR or 3D-LASER SCANNING devices, combining BIM models on cloud computing to serve their own purposes.

First, typography, work volume and status of the project, including works of site clearance, identifying material mines, or waste dumping as basis for projects’ proposal and contract signing will be controlled. At the same time, quality, progress in project implementation through digitalizing site structures, materials, equipment, and machinery on construction sites, geometrical dimensions of road and bridge structure can also be managed. In addition, these technologies serve post-inspection works such as work displacement, completion, audition, finalization, and basis for payment explanation, inspection and dispute when the data has been integrated from the cloud from the start.

In the basis of cooperation agreement, Deo Ca Group and Joint-name A2Z- Portcoast will have cooperation in using, sharing and transferring products, technologies and experience in implementing works of research, design, project document inspection; making proposals and design documents during processes of preparation and implementation; managing woks of design, consultancy, quality and safety...

Besides, A2Z and Portcoast signed cooperation agreement, officially becoming Joint-name A2Z- Portcoast. It will provide technology applications in implementing transport infrastructure works in Vietnam.

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Deo Ca group pioneers technology innovations in the field of transportation