Sika Co-Host with Concria Oy and PCE to provide the best solution for high-performance cementitious floor

Dang Nguyen|17/05/2024 13:00

Ho Chi Minh City, May 9, 2024 – Sika Vietnam hosted a seminar on high-performance cementitious floors, which attracted enthusiastic participation from leading construction companies and experts. The event not only served as a platform to announce that Sika is shareholder in Concria Oy with a stake of 30% but also as an occasion for Sika to unveil cutting-edge solutions that contribute to enhancing the performance of concrete floors in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Recently, Sika, in collaboration with Concria Oy and PCE, hosted a seminar dedicated to high-performance cementitious flooring solutions, offering an all-encompassing approach to concrete flooring. The seminar effectively tackled questions on attaining superior quality concrete floors and circumventing elements that compromise quality of flooring. It proved beneficial for a diverse group of stakeholders, including investors, design consultants, and contractors. The seminar drew a substantial attendance of esteemed experts and researchers from the construction sector, hailing from both local and international arenas.

The conference attracts reputable units and leading experts in the construction industry

The seminar commenced with Mr. Tim Middleton from VGBC making a strong impression with two main topics: “The Future of Green Buildings in Vietnam” and “Criteria for Durable Flooring in Industrial Factories.” Following this, Mr. Nguyen Anh Viet, representing PCE, introduced modern equipment that assists in assessing the flatness of floors and highlighted considerations during the construction of concrete floors. This information aids constructors, contractors, and design consultants in considering appropriate improvement strategy.

Mr. Nguyen Anh Viet discusses polishing methods that ensure both quality and aesthetics in construction

In Sika’s presentation, Mr. Laurent Bouet - Floor Coating Market Development Manager at Sika APAC, shared valuable information about the requirements of industrial flooring and the innovative application for concrete floor. Notably, topics such as “Solutions to Prevent Concrete Cracking” and “Preventing Incidents in the Application of Dry Shake Hardeners” were warmly received by the attendees.

The product demonstration by Mr. Laurent and Ms. Thuy Binh from Sika Vietnam provided attendees with useful and practical information

To address these challenges, Sika introduced two effective solutions for concrete flooring: dry shake hardeners like Sikafloor® - Chapdur /-3 with quartz aggregate, mixed with cement, color, and additives, or Sikafloor® -2 Syntop with iron alloy, cement, color, and additives. These products boast high abrasion resistance, impact resistance, slip resistance, crack limitation, and easy maintenance. Additionally, liquid hardeners suitable for super-flat floors and applicable to existing floors were presented.

Moreover, Mr. Laurent Bouet revealed construction techniques to minimize common issues in high-performance concrete flooring such as cracking, unevenness, delamination, and dust.

Finally, a representative from Concria Oy shared insights on common challenges in concrete floor construction, steps for applying dry shake hardeners, the importance of choosing the right type and quantity of dry shake for concrete floor quality. The synergy between Concria Oy’s concrete flooring solutions and Sika’s products promises to enhance efficiency and quality.

The “Expert Dialogue” segment disseminated valuable knowledge from leading industry experts

The seminar also recorded positive feedback from guests during the “Panel discussion” with representatives from 15 construction companies, who directly addressed queries to achieve high-quality concrete flooring from design to maintenance.

Mr. Phan Huu Duy Quoc from the Vietnam Concrete Association (VCA) contributed insightful opinions on concrete cracking during the seminar

Additionally, the event served as an opportunity for Sika to announce the acquisition of a 30% stake in Concria Oy, a leader in flooring solutions. This move is part of the group’s 2028 strategy and represents a new step in delivering solutions that is beyond the expected for construction projects. The collaboration between Sika and Concria Oy has expanded Sika’s flooring solution portfolio, diversified its business activities, and provided quality concrete flooring solutions to customers, contributing to significant advancements in the construction industry.

Representatives from Sika Vietnam shared that Sika and Concria Oy have worked closely on numerous major projects worldwide for many years: “Through this comprehensive cooperation, Sika and Concria Oy will jointly promote activities to support each other in expanding and developing business, leveraging each other’s strengths, and tapping into market potential to deliver high-quality products and services; creating outstanding synergistic values for the construction market as well as the Vietnamese economy.”

Mr. Jacobo Perez Polaino, General Director of Sika Vietnam, stated: “The event not only marks a new development in expanding Sika’s flooring product portfolio, bringing effective solutions for construction floors in general, but also contributes to improving the quality of construction projects throughout Vietnam.”

At the end of the program, Sika awarded certificates of attendance for the High-Performance Cement-Based Flooring Solutions Seminar to all participants

About Sika Vietnam

Sika Vietnam, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Swiss-based Sika AG Group, has been serving the Vietnamese market since 1993. With two manufacturing plants located in Nhon Trach (established in 1997) and Bac Ninh (established in 2012), the company boasts a network of over 100 distributors and dealers nationwide.

Specializing in the production and supply of products and solutions for nearly all applications in construction and industry, Sika Vietnam has earned a reputation as a reliable partner for designers, consultants, property owners, and construction companies, thanks to the quality of its products and professional services.

About Concria Oy

Concria Oy, a Finnish company, specializes in concrete flooring solutions. Initially known for its floor polishing tools, Concria Oy has gradually expanded its market presence with products such as dry shake powders, grinding machines, and polishing tools.

The company is also renowned for its Concria Optimal Slab™ Deco system, a revolutionary approach to installing and polishing concrete floors. This system is designed to produce durable, dust-free concrete floors with a variety of color and texture options. With an extensive distribution network, Concria Oy is actively seeking opportunities to expand its market reach.

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Sika Co-Host with Concria Oy and PCE to provide the best solution for high-performance cementitious floor