Tri An revervoir "echoes the sound of spring"

By Hoang Lan|16/06/2023 14:27

Tri An reservoir is an artificial lake primarily built to serve hydroelectricity production. However, due to its vast space and emerald green water that sparkles with golden rays when the sun shines down, this place has become a tourist attraction, especially for young travelers on their “backpacking” journey.

Located about 70km from Ho Chi Minh City, on the Dong Nai river in Dong Nai province, Tri An is a perfect destination during hot summer days. The surrounding landscape is extremely green and refreshing, and the wind blowing from the lake creates a comfortable atmosphere. The road leading to Tri An is flanked by small tracts of bamboo, where locals grow tiny green bamboo trees. In addition, a vast forest spreads as far as the eye can see.


Exciting outdoor activities await

Apart from camping, sleeping in tents to admire the sunrise and sunset, and enjoying the sparkling golden light on the vast water surface, visitors can also experience many exciting outdoor activities such as cycling, SUP paddling, fishing, etc.

The reservoir has a considerable amount of water and a constant flow, making the fish here quite large and firm. If you’re lucky, you might get the chance to enjoy the special flavor of seafood here, such as grilled snakehead fish - a delicacy of the area.

Cycling around the lake is also a fascinating activity, thanks to the gentle dirt roads surrounded by soft, cool foliage. Bicycles, tents, and fishing equipment are available for rent.

Ó island - A gem in the middle of the lake


Ó Island, a small island located in the middle of the lake, has been relatively untouched by human impact, preserving its original beauty and wilderness. Visitors can mainly rest, explore nature, and discover the flora and fauna. Or you can freely swim in the lake, but be careful as the water can be deep and wide.

Here, you can freely bring food to cook, organize a BBQ party, light a campfire, and spend the night on the island. There is also a restaurant serving tourists on the island. If you don’t want to cook, you can choose your favorite food, such as fried rice, stir- fried noodles, and the most special dish - grilled snakehead fish. This dish is considered a specialty because the snakehead fish is caught from the Dong Nai river, which is known for its delicious taste. This fish species is naturally accustomed to clean water and flowing water, making its meat firm and sweet without any fishy smell. Snakehead fish hotpot with Ma Da forest vegetables is a famous local dish, prepared in a rustic style but with a unique flavor characteristic of the area.

Ma Da forest - A pristine nature


With an area of over 100,000 hectares, including 67,000 hectares of forest and 32,000 hectares of water surface, this conservation area is where visitors can explore the pristine nature of Ma Da forest. The forest is famous for being home to many wild animals. Visitors can easily spot yellow butterflies fluttering in the air and squirrels jumping from branch to branch on the trees. The tall old trees, the small creeks underfoot, and the many insects and snakes create a unique and exciting environment. Visitors must be careful with the venomous red-tailed snake.

Ma Da forest is also associated with the fierce anti- American resistance of the people. This land carries many legendary stories about the glorious history. Visitors to Ma Da forest can enjoy many rare wild vegetables and precious herbs. Visitors can hike or bike through the forest, camp overnight, and experience new and exciting feelings.

The simple village behind Tri An lake

Following the path along Tri An dam and walking under the green tree lines, the tranquil road was peaceful in the afternoon. We visited a fishing village in Vinh Cuu district, where people come to make a living and settle here. Chatting with us, they reminisced about the past, the days when Tri An hydroelectric dam was newly built. The land was still wild, with dense forests everywhere. They came here to live mainly by fishing. Thanks to the large water flow, fish here grow quickly. Looking back, more than 30 years have passed. Each scene, each plant that was once unfamiliar, the wild land from years ago, is now familiar, becoming a green orchard.


The people of Vinh Cuu warmly welcomed us, offering fresh coconut water just picked from the garden, and fragrant ripe jackfruits freshly picked from the tree. The plants in this area are lush and sweet, just like the soul of the farmers who grow them. There is no noise or rush from the bustling city outside. The space in the village is really peaceful, with the sound of roosters crowing at noon, the sound of neighbors calling each other through the fence, and the simple and peaceful sounds of daily life.

The songs that the young people used to sing when building Tri An hydroelectric dam, the song “Tri An echoes in the spring” - Ton That Lap musician, still resonates today: “... Listen to the sound of the water flowing, my burning dreams inside me, the electricity lights up bright in my heart, bright in my beloved’s heart, etc.”

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Tri An revervoir "echoes the sound of spring"