For an effective policy on National Reserve

DR. Dang Dinh Dao|17/08/2021 09:18

(VLR) National Reserve (NR) is a special part of reserving goods in the logistics system. With unpredictable impacts of natural disasters and epidemics..., the NR plays even more important role in maintaining, consolidating and promoting the achievements of socio-economic development and market stabilization. Below are some recommendations on the contribution to promote the effectiveness of the NR, especially in the context of the country being affected by the COVID-19 epidemic.

National Reserve is a special part of reserving goods in the logistics system

National Reserve is a special part of reserving goods in the logistics system

Raise more awareness about roles, missions and tools of the NR

NR is a special form of reserves formed and used by the Government in order to proactively meet unexpected and urgent requirements on prevention, fighting and overcoming of consequences of natural disasters and epidemics, serving national defense and security. However, at present, due to the inadequate awareness and reality of the provisions of the legislation on NR, especially due to long-time African swine flu and COVID-19 epidemic..., the NR has not fully brought into special and urgent role. Therefore, raising awareness of the role of the NR tool for the contingent of managerial staff of all sectors and levels will be the basis and environment for the NR to develop sustainably and effectively other resources.

Study on adjustment, supplement and amendment of the law on NR

The NR Law was enacted and took effect since 2013, up to now, in the new development context, it is time to have appropriate research and supplementation. In particular, it is required to add and determine the goals of the NR, Government's policies, list of reserved goods, the assignment of the agencies in charge of the reserved goods, regulations on the management and use of the NR goods, issues of purchasing, selling reserved goods, NR in the logistics system together with the relevant legal system necessary to adjust such as: Commercial Law, Bidding Law...

According to Article 3 of the NR Law 2013, the NR was formed and used by the Government to actively respond to unexpected and urgent requirements on prevention, fighting and overcoming of consequences of natural disasters, fires, disease; national defense and security. “In a market economy, the circulating reserve, the NR is one of the important tools to help the Government intervene in the market when necessary”.

In addition, it is necessary to early develop the NR Development Strategy up to 2030, with a vision to 2045, which integrates with the strategies of developing trade, logistics, transportation and information technology,... to replace the NR Development Strategy under Decision No. 2091/QD-TTg, aiming to ensure effective implementation and dual function of proactively meeting unexpected and urgent requirements... is one of the tools of Government's importance to intervene in the market when necessary...

The Strategy of NR Development until 2020 identified 5 commodity groups, including commodity groups ensuring economic security and social security; Group of goods in service of natural disaster and disaster response and search and rescue; Group of goods serving security, defense, border, sea mobilization; Group of goods for prevention and fighting against epidemics and first aid; Group of goods for prevention and control of diseases for livestock and plants. In the new context, under unpredictable changes of the COVID-19 epidemic, climate change and volatile market movements,... it is necessary to review and supplement the above list accordingly, especially commodity groups, ensuring economic and social security, stabilizing the market,... Do not allow the weird way of management to stabilize the pork market in the past like: “wait and see”, “raise your hand”, “re-flock or advise people to use replaceable foods!”.

In addition to encouraging localities and cities to use local budget provisions to buy stock, proactively meeting on-the-spot, unexpected and urgent requirements,... the Government needs to increase the NR compared to GDP more than the target in the current NR Development Strategy to 2.0% - 2.5% of GDP from 2021 - 2030 and vision to 2045. Do not allow the situation as recently, when oil prices in the US on April 20, 2020 fell to a record low (-37.63 USD/barrel) in the midst of market volatility because of a severe drop in demand due to the COVID-19, countries worldwide bought hundreds of millions of barrels to replenish the strategic stockpiles of NR, and we still argue, “consider" due to lack of storage tanks and budget,...

Investing in building the warehouse system of NR

As a matter of fact, the NR storage system was built dozens of years ago, with outdated and rudimentary storage technology, while abnormal changes in temperature, weather and climate conditions affect the quality of reserved goods. Therefore, it is necessary to have priority mechanism and policies for investment in the construction of the NR warehouse system in the development of Vietnam's logistics infrastructure to connect the Government reserve warehouse system in 10 ministries and branches in 08 socio-economic strategic regions of the country nationwide. Based on this, diversify forms of outsourcing facilities equipped with modern technology, high-tech human resources for NR activities...

Focusing on planning and investing in the construction of warehouse infrastructure, synchronous technical facilities, applying and anticipating the achievements of the 4.0 technology revolution in order to improve the efficiency of the use of NR resources and mobilize resources such as warehouse system, outsourced storage tanks, transportation connection, and storage facilities in the NR logistics to minimize costs for the State budget.

Digitalization of data on management of the NR

The NR infrastructure includes hardware and software. It is necessary to have a system of NR management software for each connection reserve list, exchange electronic data in the system, build a separate digital infrastructure for the industry,... When the information system connects, the linkage will help the agencies to make operations transparent, quickly update the vehicles and goods transported between stakeholders, promptly implement loading and unloading and delivery services, freeing means of transport, thereby minimizing incurred costs as well as other unofficial costs in buying and selling NRs, avoiding loss and wastage from preservation,...

Professional human resource development

Promoting training and developing professional human resources with in-depth knowledge of logistics technology and logistics systems for NR activities is an important content in the Government management of NR that should be strengthened. Continue to consolidate and organize the scientific organization of the management apparatus, the NR organization system, ensure the centralized, unified and efficient administration of the Government, ministries and branches according to its functions, fields and assigned duties. The principles of management and use of NR goods shall be strictly, safely and secretly managed according to the provisions of Article 7 of the NR Law.

There is a need to further strengthen the Government management on NRs, especially the inspection and control work not only specialized inspection but also inspection and audit of the Government, further enhancing responsibility, power of ministries, branches managing NR goods, especially the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,… Clear coordination and management assignment among ministries and localities, especially between the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development,... in this area in implementation, and addition to the NR Law and Strategy.

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For an effective policy on National Reserve