Nghe An: A push for logistics development

Duy Ngoi|13/10/2022 13:35

From the central Government’s support and provincial efforts lately, there have been breakthroughs in Nghe An’s transport infrastructure system- a push to socio-economic development in areas in the province.

Breakthroughs in the transport infrastructure system

Nghe An has lately deployed all resources. In recent years, Nghe An has mobilized all resources, integrated programs and projects to set priority to transport infrastructure. With attention and support from the Government, ministries and department, Nghe An has gradually improved, creating breakthroughs in transport system development. The Ministry of Transport has agreed to convert hundreds of kilometers of provincial roads into national roads, making it more convenient upgrading and maintaining them. At the same time, Nghe An has been helped to renovate, repair and upgrade the foundation, road surface and hundreds of kilometers of national road through the area, meeting increasing needs for travel and transport. National Road 7 and National Road 48 along the East-West axis, hundreds of kilometers long to the western districts of Nghe An have been upgraded and expanded twice as much as they were, bringing Nghe An’s western area closer to the lowland.


Vinh International Airport to be upgraded and renovated will increase passenger and cargo transport abilities for Nghe An

 The Ho Chi Minh road passing through the midlands has contributed to awakening agricultural potentials. The route is becoming a high- tech agricultural “highway” of the province with the largest high-tech dairy farm in the country and sugar, milk and wood processing factories; and fruit farms...

The province has deducted thousands of millions of VND from the budget to build over 30 kilometers of N5 Road connecting the South-east economic zone with Do Luong; having investment in dozens of kilometers connecting National Road 1A (section of Hoang Mai Town) to National Road 48 (section of Thai Hoa Town)- National Road 48D currently; having investments in Cua Hoi Bridge... With proper policies, Nghe An has gradually socialized investments in the transport system.

Director of Nghe An Department of Transport Hoang Phu Hien said: “Many key traffic projects have been completed of great significance, promoting the province’s socio-economic development. Every year, millions of tons of goods are transported through these routes, contributing to reducing logistics costs. Some other important projects such as Vinh - Cua Lo Avenue, Nghi Son - Cua Lo Coastal Road, West Nghe An roads and some sections on arterial national roads have also been invested, upgraded and expanded. These roads will contribute to the quality of the provincial transport system.

A "push" to logistics development

Located in the center of the North Central region, able to connect trade from North to South, Nghe An is convenient to develop all four types of traffic. In addition to roads, Nghe An has systems of seaports, airports and railways. From only one flight from Vinh-HCMC at the beginning, there have been 10 local and international routes at the present, serving millions of passengers. Vinh Airport has been approved to be an international airport. It, the, will be kept upgrading to meet increasing needs of the province and the present. The railway system has been maintained and repaired, ensuring efficient and safe operation... Besides, the province has attracted investors and developed a series of ports at Cua Lo and Nghi Thiet. In which, the system of Vissai port and DKC petroleum port receives specialized ships of 50,000 to 70,000 tons to serve import-export goods. At the same time, the planned deep-water port system in Dong Hoi and Cua Lo areas has been attracting many investors’ attention.

In recent years, traffic infrastructure and Nghe An seaport have been significantly improved, so needs to connect and find logistics services among enterprises, investors, import- exporters in the economic zone and seaports are getting higher.

Nghe Tinh Port currently has 2 port areas at Cua Lo and Ben Thuy, with 4 berths of the total length of 800m; the warehousing system of 150,000m2; port area surface of 26,000m2; berths 1 and 2 have the depth of -8.5m, enable for vessels of 15,000 tons to go in; berths 3 and 4 have the depth of 9.5m, enable for vessels of 25,000 tons to go in. In 2021, the cargo capacity through Nghe Tinh Port was 4,649m tons, in which container cargo was, 86,449TEUs. 

In 2022, this was the first time when Cua Lo Port received an international vessel of 1,000 TEUS, equally 23,000 tons to go in. To meet trade demands, berth no.5 and no.6 with the depth of -13.7m to receive vessels of 70,000 tons.


Nghe An transport infrastructure being invested to meet needs of socio-economic development

Le Hong Vinh - Standing Vice Chairman of Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee said that Nghe An would continue to set priority on investment resources, and at the same time take advantage of the central government’s attention and help to speed up the progress of key projects, to complete unfinished works and to focus on removing traffic “blockage” points to create a driving force for socio-economic development of the province. Nghe An wants the central government to set priority on investment on bridges crossing rivers Lam and Con... to bring into full play the function of the East- West National Highway, contributing to hunger and poverty eradiation in mountain districts. At the same time, the Government, ministries and sectors should pay attention to and help removing a number of obstacles: setting priority to budget for building a break waters in the port cluster north of Cua Long and Dong Hoi Port to make it a deep-water port, meeting demands of import- export and investment attraction.

During a recent working trip with Nghe An province, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh assigned Nghe An’s People’s Committee to be a competent state agency to mobilize capital from different resources to implement projects of upgrading and renovating Vinh Airport, Cua Lo deep-water port, and the expressway connecting Cua Lo and Nam Dan, hometown of Chairman Ho Chi Minh. PM said the three projects would be key projects, together with the North South Expressway and the coastal road under construction creating new force and space for developments. Guiding agencies of Nghe An province were assigned to complete procedures of preparation in 2022.

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Nghe An: A push for logistics development