Production, export, and logistics services: The main drivers of Vietnam's economic growth

By Van Tam|14/06/2023 09:43

It can be said that production, export, and logistics services have greatly contributed to Vietnam’s rapid economic development in recent years.

Production, export... driving growth

When it comes to Vietnam’s economic growth, many experts believe that production, export, and logistics services are the main drivers behind Vietnam’s economic growth in recent times. Vietnam has become a production and export center for various goods, including agricultural products, processed industrial goods, textiles, electronics, and consumer goods.


Production and export activities have driven the structural transformation of Vietnam’s economy from a phase reliant on raw materials to a phase of high-value processing. Exporting high- value-added products has helped enhance the competitiveness of Vietnamese businesses in the international market. Vietnam has attracted a significant amount of foreign direct investment (FDI) in recent years. Foreign investors have established manufacturing plants in Vietnam to leverage the advantages of low labor costs, favorable geography, and a stable business environment. This has not only contributed to economic development but also facilitated technology transfer, improved production capacity, and created jobs for the people.

Vietnam has achieved significant accomplishments in the export of goods. Key export items include electronics, textiles, footwear, agricultural, and aquatic products. The trade surplus has increased significantly, contributing to the improvement of Vietnam’s trade situation and enhancing its competitiveness in the international market. The trade surplus has also helped strengthen the currency and generate resources for investment in other development areas.

The production and export activities have fostered the development of global supply chains in Vietnam. Vietnamese enterprises have actively participated in the supply chains of multinational corporations, promoting technology transfer, and improving management and production capacity. This has created a favorable business environment while enhancing Vietnam’s competitiveness in the global supply chain.

Production and export have played a crucial role in developing industrial parks and special economic zones nationwide. These areas have attracted investment, created jobs, and contributed to local development. At the same time, the development of industrial parks and special economic zones has provided favorable conditions for the development of related industries and enhanced Vietnam’s economic competitiveness.

The contribution of the logistics service sector

The logistics service sector has made significant contributions to Vietnam’s import-export activities and economic development in recent years. The logistics industry has played a vital role in transporting and delivering goods from production to export destinations and vice versa. Logistics companies provide multimodal transportation services, including road, sea, and air, ensuring smooth and efficient import-export operations for Vietnam.


Overall, production, export, and logistics services have played a vital role in Vietnam’s economic growth. They have not only contributed to the country’s development but also facilitated the integration of Vietnam’s economy into the global economy.

The logistics sector plays a crucial role in supply chain management and improvement. By optimizing transportation processes, storage, warehouse management, and information, the logistics industry helps improve the efficiency and reliability of the supply chain, reduce transportation time and costs, and enhance the competitiveness of Vietnam’s export goods in the international market.

Logistics provides value-added services such as packaging, preservation, quality inspection, and inventory management. Through these services, the logistics industry contributes to enhancing the quality and safety of export goods, meeting the requirements of demanding markets, and ensuring the reliability of Vietnamese export businesses.

The importance of logistics lies in strengthening international connectivity for Vietnam. With the development of seaports, airports, and logistics centers, Vietnam has the capability to serve the transportation needs of international partners. This helps expand export markets, attract foreign investment, and promote Vietnam’s economic development.

Logistics activities have also created employment opportunities for Vietnamese workers. Jobs in this field require specialized skills and high quality, ranging from warehouse management, operations, and coordination to other support services. This contributes to reducing unemployment rates, improving incomes, and enhancing the quality of life for workers.

The growth in exports has contributed to GDP growth and job creation, promoting the country’s economic development.

Logistics plays a crucial role in Vietnam’s process of international economic integration. Logistics companies act as facilitators, providing favorable conditions for the importation of raw materials and components, as well as the export of Vietnamese products to international markets. This enables Vietnam to access new technologies, knowledge, and markets, thereby enhancing its competitive capacity and promoting sustainable economic

In general, the logistics service sector has made specific and significant contributions to Vietnam’s import-export activities and economic development. By providing transportation services, supply chain management, value- added services, and enhancing international connectivity, the logistics industry not only contributes to economic growth but also creates employment, improves the quality of life, and expands export markets. The development and enhancement of the logistics sector will continue to play a crucial role in supporting Vietnam’s integration and economic development in the world.

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Production, export, and logistics services: The main drivers of Vietnam's economic growth