The Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA) is organizing its Annual Conference 2023

By Tung Chi - Pho Ba Cuong (Photos)|21/09/2023 23:39

The conference is taking place from September 20th to 21st, 2023, at the Pullmann Convention Center in Vung Tau City. This event is hosted by the Dong Nai Port Corporation with sponsorship from various businesses.


It can be said that this is the most significant annual event for the Vietnamese seaport sector, with the participation of over 300 invited guests and delegates. In addition to summarizing and evaluating the activities of the past year and harmonizing the action plan for the upcoming year (2024), the conference features numerous presentations by guests and member ports on the current status of management, operation, and development of ports. Many specific recommendations are made to the industry and the Vietnamese government to create favorable conditions for seaports to operate and develop effectively in the changing landscape, contributing significantly to the successful realization of the Party's maritime economic strategic goals and the government's plans.

Mr. Bui Thien Thu - Director of the Inland Waterways Department spoke

Participating in and speaking at the conference, Mr. Le Do Muoi, the Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration, praised the rapid development investment in Vietnam's seaport system towards modernization and the application of advanced technology in the maritime industry.

"Over the past period, the Vietnamese seaport sector has attracted a significant amount of investment capital in the direction of socialization, reducing reliance on public investment capital. It must be acknowledged and affirmed that the Vietnamese seaport sector has made important contributions to GDP and the overall economic development of the country. As such, the Vietnamese seaport industry has become a crucial link in the import-export freight transportation not only within Vietnam but also in global supply chains and value chains," emphasized Director of Vietnam Maritime Administration Le Do Muoi.

Contributions made at the conference also suggest that the Vietnam Maritime Administration, as the industry's regulatory agency, should pay attention to reviewing and resolving existing industry issues related to mechanisms, policies, planning, investment, fees, and charges. Delegates also hope that the Vietnam Maritime Administration will effectively provide recommendations to the Ministry of Transport to propose policies and amendments to the Maritime Law, creating favorable conditions for the development of the Vietnamese seaport industry commensurate with its capacity and potential. This will enable the Vietnamese seaport industry to continue its contributions and achievements in the country's modernization and economic development efforts.

The were many valuable contributions at the Conference

Conversely, in addition to acknowledging the contributions of the Vietnam Seaports Association, leaders of the Vietnam Maritime Administration and other relevant authorities and localities suggest that the association should strive to leverage its role in enhancing connectivity between businesses, investors, and state management agencies, fostering new dynamics in the development of the Vietnamese seaport industry. Establishing a strong brand and reputation for the Vietnam Seaports Association, not only domestically but also internationally, is encouraged.

Mr. Tran Thanh Hai - Chairman of the Board of Dong Nai Port awarded sponsorship money

Over the years, the Vietnam Seaports Association has consistently acted as the center of internal unity, strengthening cohesion and transparency in its activities with member ports, serving as a valuable advisory body to the Ministry of Transport, the government, and related ministries regarding the development planning of Vietnamese seaports, pricing policies, green port development, digital transformation, and sustainable development.

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The Vietnam Seaports Association (VPA) is organizing its Annual Conference 2023