Ba Ria - Vung Tau Agriculture a break through step

Duc Minh|03/01/2023 16:39

Developing high technology applying agriculture is one of important steps in BR-VT agriculture. From geographical advantages, provincial resources and people, there have been breakthroughs in terms of production ideas, product quality improvements, agriculture- forestry- aqua-products exports... They have been recorded with impressive figures.

The province was founded on August 12, 1991. At the time, BR-VT socio-economic infrastructure was in great difficulties. In 1992, the provincial agriculture proportion accounted for 23% of the structure of the economic sectors; industry accounted for 14.5%; the rest of 62.5% was services (relating to oil exploitation). It is noted that agricultural production was mainly manual and fragmented; infrastructure for agricultural production such as in-field traffic, electricity for production... was almost nonexistent.


In those dificult years, the government and people of BR-VT set goals of building a new commodity-producing agriculture based on provincial advantages in the direction of modernization with high productivity, quality, efficiency, sustainability and competition abilities. The agricultural sector will be restructured in the model of new rural growth and development.

Accordingly, in the province, 7 high-tech agricultural production areas have been formed, including vegetable production in Phu My town and Dat Do district; pepper in Chau Duc and Xuyen Moc districts; specialty fruit trees in Chau Duc, Xuyen Moc, Dat Do districts and Phu My town; flowers and ornamental plants in Phu My town and Dat Do district; livestock in Chau Duc and Xuyen Moc districts, Phu My town; aquatic breeding in Dat Do district; aquaculture in Dat Do district.

So far, BR-VT has been known as one of the pioneering localities in the field of hi-tech agriculture. Typical models as 4K Farm Technology for Vegetable Production and the system of linking agricultural product consumption; promoting applications of technology to cultivation and preliminary processing and processing of cocoa- chocolate; applying unmanned machines to sowing seeds and spraying pesticides on rice and banana crops; using HDPE in modern industrial-scale aquaculture, preservation technology in improving quality of squid products and the model of squid breeding and raising in the natural environment; aquaculture-seafood combined with eco-tourism; cattle and poultry slaughtering new technology; waste water and waste treatment in agriculture and rural areas.


Currently, the proportion of the value of agricultural products applied high technology is likely to increase over the years. The scale of livestock herds applying high technology compared to the total livestock heard in the province reached 70.27%. The area of aquaculture applying high technology accounts for 36.98% of the total aquaculture scale in the province. The production value reached VND 4,897 billion pa, accounting for 32.8% of the total production value of the agricultural sector. The average product value reached over VND 109.94 million /ha- an increase of VND 13.86 million compared to that of 2015.

In addition, BR-VT has always invited enterprises to invest in the hi-tech agricultural zones for new development opportunities and making good use of advantages in the progress of integration.

According to statistics of the functional sector of BR-VT province, the locality currently has 344 high-tech crop production facilities, with an area of 5,272 ha, production area of 5,255 ha. In animal husbandry, there are currently 127 farms operating with high technology application with the total area of about 515 hectares, accounting for 38.5% of the total poultry herd and 37.8% of the total pig herd. In the fisheries sector, there are 19 establishments for commercial aquaculture and production of high- tech aquatic breeds with the total area of about 409.7 hectares- an increase of 11.5 hectares compared to that of 2021.

According to leaders of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of BR-VT, the province has issued many resolutions and loan programs to encourage development of high-tech and clean agriculture in accordance to Resolution no. 30/NQ CP of the Government; supporting credit interest rates for production development in new rural construction communes, household economic development in agriculture and fishery; encouraging households to promote the development of high- tech agriculture. 


The province also promoted implementation of credit policies to encourage enterprises to invest in agriculture and rural areas in the province according to Resolution no. 20/2020/NQ-HDND. Especially, the policy to encourage the development of cooperation and association in production and consumption of agricultural products according to Resolution no. 21/2020/NQ-HDND...

There should be policies to encourage the development of agricultural production in terms of land (planning and land acquisition for the development of hi-tech agriculture), application of hi-tech agriculture in both farming and processing of agricultural products, and to encourage development of cooperation and association in production and consumption of products.

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Ba Ria - Vung Tau Agriculture a break through step