Ba Ria Vung Tau many policies to attract logistics development

By Bach Sa|04/01/2023 10:25

The logistics sector has played an important role in both global and national economic developments. Therefore, the People’s Committee of BRVT has had appropriate policies to attract investments in the field of logistics

In the period of 2011-2020, BRVT had the project of developing logistics services with 5 key programs as the basis for synchronous implementation in the province, including logistics development master plan, logistics center planning, overall development of the traffic and technical infrastructures serving logistics development, human resource training and building mechanism and policies for logistics development. Until 2022, these plans have gradually been implemented drastically and many projects have been completed, effectively attracting both local and foreign investment, especially in the field of transport infrastructure and logistics center.


According to assessments from the Provincial People’s Committee, this is a new economic sector, it is necessary to have a specific legal basis for implementation, so it is necessary to include the Logistics Development Plan in the socio-economic master plan of the whole province and supplement to the national socio-economic master plan to mobilize and call for investment capital, and to exploit and manage the land fund as well.

Accordingly, the land planning for the BRVT Logistics Center and the functional areas in the Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center is the province’s top priority to meet the demand for service supply and the volume of container cargo through the ports in the province.

In addition, there has been research for human resource training schools for the sectors: first as an additional department in existing colleges and university, then there will be training college next to the Logistics Center for students’ better research and study.

There have been mechanisms and policies to support the development of this service sector focusing on issues of attracting investment, reducing logistics costs, having incentives on land rents, and reforming to simplify administrative procedures...

The province also has a mechanism for exemption and reduction of land rents and land use fees for investors in infrastructure construction, production and business services in BRVT logistics center.


At the same time, there are works for preparing the site and constructing shared infrastructures The exempted policies are mainly for investments in transport infrastructures. There are also policies to improve capacity of logistics enterprises, policies on application of information technology in logistics activities and policies to promote e-customs declaration, administration reform and transparency in public services...

Especially, policies of attracting investment in logistics centers and provinces for domestic and foreign organizations and individuals have been applied drastically and clearly such as encouraging investment attraction as well as the establishment of logistics service enterprises; special investment incentives for Cai Mep Ha logistics center; reducing income tax for those with taxable income; having policies to encourage the establishment of logistics service enterprises, encouraging forms of joint venture between powerful domestic enterprises and foreign partners to increase resilience; having policies on mobilizing investment capital sources for the development of technical and social infrastructure systems.

The province has actively established the State Investment Fund/Financial Investment Company to provide financial support to enterprises. In addition, the provincial government also studied plans that the provincial government will borrow ODA from the Government according to financial institutions or to provide capital from the provincial budget for companies and units to invest in infrastructures of the logistics center.


Administration procedures have also also simplified, especially those related to investment in logistics services. In which, applying customs procedures by e-clearance to speed up and facilitate goods clearance through BRVT seaports. Thereby, the province organized working groups to survey and learn experience in logistics development in Europe and Japan.

From 2015 to present, the province has invested in road traffic infrastructure connecting Cai Mep Logistics Service Center with Cai Mep - Thi Vai port system, along with connecting National Road 51, and built Cai Mep Specialized Logistics Center.

So far the transport infrastructure connected to the logistics center has been gradually completed. Information technology and e-commerce systems in the management of logistics service activities have also gradually been widely applied, many large and modern projects have been put into investment and exploitation.

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Ba Ria Vung Tau many policies to attract logistics development