Create launching pad for leading enterprises of Vietnam logistics

By Thu Thao|27/01/2023 12:02

Vietnam has become a country with import and export turnover reaching 700 billion USD in 2022. This “miracle” achievement has an important contribution from the leading enterprises of Vietnam’s logistics industry, including Gemadept Corporation.

The world is in a period full of unpredictable changes with unprecedented events. However, with a stable socio-political situation, a potential market, as well as a golden population with an abundant labor force, rapidly absorbing the world’s development progress, Vietnam’s economy has shown strong resilience in times of crisis.


Opportunities always come with challenges, Vietnam’s economy has a large playground, meaning Vietnamese products and businesses have to compete with competitors from developed countries with a lot of experience and financial potential. Facing this challenge, one of the factors to enhance the position of Vietnamese enterprises in the global value chain is to increase the competitiveness of leading enterprises in the industry.

The leading enterprises of Vietnam’s logistics industry include Gemadept, In Do Tran, Transimex... With the mission of the leading logistics enterprise, these companies, not only leading in terms of market share, but also play the central role, taking the lead in technology development, building infrastructure, creating a business and production foundation for the economy and creating an environment for small and medium enterprises to develop and rise together.

To fulfill the mission of a leading logistics enterprise, businesses need to be able to play important roles, especially:

  • »  The leading role: Logistics enterprises, with a pioneering position in the industry, need to be able to control the market share right in the Vietnamese market and gradually expand out to the world, contributing more and more to the global value chain.
  • »  The influence role: The ability to influence, lead, motivate and inspire other businesses, forming a national business community with outstanding competitiveness in the international market.
  • »  The contribution role: Contribute knowledge, experience, and values to the community; help promoting economic flow and the common development of the society and the country.

Gemadept, since its establishment in 1990, has always assumed the pioneering position of contributing to the country’s logistics industry, creating the Port and Logistics ecosystem in Vietnam. Currently, Gemadept is constantly improving the technology standards of the ecosystem and the service quality, in order to gradually contribute to bringing Vietnam’s port and logistics system into the global supply chain.

Gemadept, once again, has been the pioneer in building the ‘Smart Port’ model. Gemadept’s model is developed based on two factors: Automation and Digital Transformation. As for automation, a prominent feature in Gemadept’s port ecosystem is Gemalink Deep-sea Port, which has been synchronously invested by Gemadept since the beginning. Currently, Gemalink is applying many leading advanced technologies. Gemalink’s e-RTGs, e-STS, e-FCC cranes can all use grid power, integrate flexible load control technology, and DGPS system combined with modern port management software.

About digital transformation, in May 2021, Gemadept launched the SmartPort application on the Company’s port system. SmartPort optimally meets the features of an e-Port, including Online Order Registration, Online Payment, Electronic Documents, E-DO, E-Gate, Multi-Port Integrated Data Lookup online, automatic and fast operation. At the time of launching the app, when the Covid-19 pandemic was still breaking out and hindering communication and contact activities in logistics operations, Gemadept’s SmartPort became the pioneer solution to solve the heated problem of the port system.

With SmartPort’s ability to aggregate and analyze data and modern facilities with high automation capabilities, the Gemadept ecosystem is providing the Vietnamese logistics market with increasingly fast, authentic and cost-effective services, contributing to “greening” the Vietnamese logistics supply chain.

Besides, Gemadept actively launches and participates in environmental and social activities. One of the highlights would be the “Seed for Sea” reforestation project piloted by Gemalink and its partners to plant hundreds of hectares of mangroves across the country, contributing to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while protecting the biodiversity, improving the ecosystem, as well as bringing local people many benefits in terms of economy, tourism, agriculture, forestry, fisheries...


In order for the leading logistics enterprises with a national spirit to always serve the development of the country and have the opportunity to continue to contribute and bring the logistics industry in Vietnam to the world, it requires the cooperation of the State and related ministries. To create a powerful launch pad for Vietnamese logistics enterprises, it is necessary to create a favorable business environment, and to have procedures related to the logistics industry be simplified. In addition, the State can give priority policies to pioneering enterprises in each field of the logistics industry in order to create logistics enterprises with strong capabilities in each specialized field, gradually creating a logistics community with outstanding competitiveness in the region and in the world.

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Create launching pad for leading enterprises of Vietnam logistics