Dibee and PVOIL Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Fueling Experience in Vietnam

Khánh Thiện|20/12/2023 10:01

Ho Chi Minh City, December 18, 2023 - Connexion Vietnam, a leading technology solution (SaaS) provider specializing in fleet expense payment and management solutions, is delighted to announce some encouraging outcomes following the successful 3-month implementation of the nationwide integrated technology linking Dibee – our fleet expense payment and management platform with the PVOIL Easy cashless payment program.

This technical integration officially launched on September 09th, 2023, signifying the enhancement of our collaborative association with Petrovietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL), a premier and highly reputable fuel provider in Vietnam. This partnership is focused on streamlining the fueling experience for customers of both entities throughout the country.

Dibee, introduced in 2015, has been at the forefront of helping companies digitalize their fleet fuel expense payment and management processes. By partnering with PVOIL, Dibee now expands its network to over 1,000 gas stations, enabling customers to make easy cashless payments and access a comprehensive fuel expense management tool with real-time data, dashboards, and insightful reports.

PVOIL, which was founded in 2008, is renowned for its extensive network of fuel stations and the provision of high-quality fuel. According to PVOIL's leaders, their collaboration with Dibee represents a significant step in their commitment to digital transformation. This partnership aims to enhance the customer experience by providing them with not only cashless payment options but also the opportunity to optimize fuel expense operations through advanced management capabilities.


"The partnership with PVOIL is a significant milestone for Dibee, and we are delighted to join forces with such an esteemed organization," said Thomas Beurthey, Founder and Managing Director at Connexion Vietnam. "The integration aims to deliver an enhanced payment experience and fuel cost management for customers of both parties, ultimately leading to cost savings and improved efficiency in fleet management activities as a whole".

After implementing the integration to enable fuel purchase payments at PVOIL gas stations through Dibee mobile application for 3 months, we have conducted surveys and gathered feedback from customer representatives spanning different industries regarding their service usage experience.

Representatives from SG Safety Vina and Green Leaf Vietnam car rental companies in the Northern region, Mr. Anh Duy and in the Southern region, Mr. Phan Tan respectively, both hold the view that utilizing the PVOIL Easy payment network for fuel expenses at PVOIL gas stations presents no challenges for drivers. They share that the driver teams are well-trained to comprehensively understand and execute transactions. They also note that despite having some older drivers, the adaptation to cashless payments via the Dibee mobile application is swift. They highlight that transactions through the app provide improved management compared to physical cards. Moreover, the integration of Dibee into the PVOIL Easy network has expanded the refueling options for drivers, eliminating the restriction to pre-contracted gas stations and allowing refueling at any PVOIL station along their route.

In alignment with the above perspective, "Previously, when customers booked vehicles for inter-provincial travel, I would have to search in advance for suitable affiliated gas stations in the Dibee network along drivers’ route. Now, it's much more convenient as drivers can refuel at any PVOIL station. Additionally, PVOIL's gas stations are easy to find." - said Mr. Thanh Hung, fleet management representative of SG Safety Vina in the Southern region.


Customer feedback holds crucial importance in Dibee's ongoing endeavors to enhance service quality and system efficiency. With the positive results obtained, it is anticipated that in the near future, more Dibee and PVOIL customers will adopt this technology integration for making fuel payments and managing expenses, thereby experiencing its unparalleled benefits.

For more information about Dibee and its partnership with PVOIL, please visit Dibee and PVOIL Join Forces to Expand Digital Fuel Payment Solution with PVOIL Easy Program

About Connexion Vietnam and Dibee

Connexion Vietnam is a technology company with foreign investment (FDI) that has been active in the Vietnamese market since 2015. The company is dedicated to developing a cutting-edge technology solution called Dibee, which is designed to serve businesses in their journey toward digitizing their fleet operations.

Dibee empowers companies by streamlining their fuel expense payment and management. Moreover, Dibee solution includes an integrated e-wallet that is licensed by the State Bank of Vietnam, ensuring the utmost safety and security for all transactions.

Connexion Vietnam has served over 200 customers from diverse industries, including logistics, transportation, car rental, manufacturing, production, and F&B, since establishment.

For more information about Dibee solution and the PVOIL Easy program, businesses and partners can reach out via:

About PVOIL and PVOIL Easy program

PetroVietnam Oil Corporation (PVOIL) is a subsidiary of the Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN). PVOIL focuses on three primary areas of business: entrusted service of crude oil export; international oil trading; petroleum, lubricant, and biofuel production and processing.

As the leading fuel company in Vietnam, PVOIL holds over 20% of the domestic fuel retail market share. They boast an extensive distribution network spanning 63 provinces and cities, comprising more than 800 owned gas stations as well as franchised locations.

PVOIL has earned the trust of numerous corporate clients in Vietnam. Embracing the digital transformation, PVOIL actively collaborates with technology partners and financial institutions/organizations to enhance customer satisfaction. By doing so, they reinforce their position as a reliable and respected industry player. Dibee takes pride in becoming PVOIL’s partner, supporting their commitment to digital transformation, as well as the sustainable development and economic modernization initiatives led by the government.

For more information about PVOIL and the PVOIL Easy program, businesses and partners can reach out via:

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Dibee and PVOIL Announce Partnership to Revolutionize Fueling Experience in Vietnam