U&I Logistics honored as the largest bonded brand in Vietnam’s

By Minh Ha|28/05/2023 16:13

In May 2023, Phataa - the first International Logistics Trading Platform of Vietnamese, announced the list of the Top 10 largest bonded in Vietnam's. Among them, U&I Logistics Corporation ranked first on the list.

The ranking of the bonded is based on the criteria of warehouse area recognized by the General Department of Customs. The list includes the top 10 largest bonded spread across key economic regions nationwide. At the top of the list is U&I Logistics bonded, located in Nam Tan Uyen Industrial Zone, Binh Duong province, with an area of 215,071 square meters.

U&I Logistics owns the largest bonded system in Vietnam’s

U&I Logistics - The largest Furniture and Interior U&I Logistics owns the largest bonded system of Vietnamese in Southeast Asia

Being recognized as the largest concentrated bonded in Vietnam's, the entire area of the 10 warehouses is equipped with multi-tier storage racks, resulting in a total storage area of over 2,000,000 square meters. This is the most advanced bonded system managed by state-of-the-art technology according to international standards, long known as the largest Furniture and Interior bonded in Southeast Asia.

U&I Logistics U&I Logistics owns the largest bonded system in Vietnam’s equipped with automatic humidity control devices

Established in 2003, U&I Logistics currently provides comprehensive and efficient logistics services to foreign factories and retailers, including bonded, Distribution Centers, Customs Procedure Agencies, International Freight Forwarding, and Domestic Transportation.

Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc, CEO of U&I Logistics Corporation, stated that bonded is one of the core activities of the company. Since early 2007, U&I Logistics has put Warehouse No. 1 into operation with an area of 39,600 square meters. By 2021, U&I Logistics had put Warehouse No. 10 into operation with an area of 12,668 square meters, increasing the total warehouse floor area to 215,071 square meters, on approximately 30 hectares of land. To preserve customers' goods in the best possible condition, U&I Logistics' warehouse system is also equipped with automatic humidity control devices to protect the value of the goods. U&I Logistics is also a pioneer in applying information technology to warehouse management (WMS), transportation management (TMS), freight management (TMS), and electronic customs declaration".

U&I Logistics - The first U&I Logistics bonded to apply VR technology

In March 2023, U&I Logistics pioneered the application of Virtual Reality (VR) technology to its bonded system, providing customers with a unique and novel "virtual space - real experience." This is the first time VR technology has been applied to the exploration ofbonded in the field of logistics in Vietnam.

Virtual Reality technology is first applied to the exploration of bonded at U&I Logistics

With the convenience of exploring the bonded system through this Virtual Reality technology, both domestic and international customers can easily visualize the warehouse locations and networks. Customers can also see each equipment, infrastructure, operational activities, and images of the team inside the warehouse.

"For the first time, I participated in exploring a bonded remotely through Virtual Reality technology. Contrary to my initial expectations, this technology gave me a new and exciting feeling, as if I was actually visiting the warehouse in person. In my opinion, by integrating VR into warehouse exploration activities, U&I Logistics demonstrates their attention to detail and respect for customers because no matter where they are, customers can still experience the company's modern warehouse system," shared a customer who visited the warehouse.

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U&I Logistics honored as the largest bonded brand in Vietnam’s