Different colors of autumn

Thuy Duong|14/10/2022 11:43

Autumn has its own colors, space and shapes. We sometimes find autumn has come with a chilly wind, with a scent from milkwood flowers somewhere. And autumn comes with different colors, scents on different corners of the country.

1. Binh Lieu autumn on top of cogongrass

Binh Lieu is a mountainous district in the northeast of Quang Ninh province. Because it is a mountainous area located at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, the climate is quite mild, with beautiful natural sceneries, so it is considered as a miniature Sapa.


It is 270km from Hanoi. Tourists can take Hanoi- Hai Phong- Ha Long- Van Don Expressway and then take National Road 18 and 18C to get there. Those who travel by motorbike can take National Road 1, then National Road 18- Tien Yen and turn left to National Road 18C.

The border road West of Binh Lieu crosses fields and mountainous areas. Its sceneries are beautiful enough to satisfy tourists. Sometimes the road goes through forests with flowers in purple and white blooming...

The sceneries are beautiful at any time of the year: cogongrass on the fields waving in winds, majestic mountains surrounding... we can find how beautiful the country is...


Binh Lieu has over 96% of the population are ethnic minorities, most of which are Tay, Dao, San Chi, Kinh, Hoa... Coming to Binh Lieu, visitors will find harmony in cultural diversity. Then you can go for a walk at the market in the center of the town or the market in Dong Van commune. Markets usually meet on Saturdays or Sundays, people from surrounding villages bring goods and agricultural, forestry products to the market to exchange and trade. It is the must to try Binh Lieu specialties.

2. Shoreless sea in Thai Binh

Shoreless Sea is a beach in Thuy Xuan, Thai Thuy, Thai Binh. Netizens has named it. At dawn, the whole beach is like a vast mirror reflecting lights- no one can see where is the beginning and where is the end of it- an endless space.


The beach is only 120km away from Hanoi and it is quite easy to get here by any means of transport- cars, motorbikes, coaches... Tourists can take the expressway of Hanoi- Hai Phong or take the national road to Thuy Xuan, Thai Binh.

The beach here is originally an alluvial beach- 7km long, where water is only ankle- deep. Local people catch clams and other shellfish in early mornings. Their images in the beautiful scene of dawn turn into beautiful paintings about labor.

In order to have good photos of dawn, tourists should be here at time when there is low tide. The tide here rises so quickly. At the time, it is impossible to have good photos of dawn.


The time at the beginning of autumn is the most beautiful time of the year. There is no wind; dawn seems to be more beautiful and so does the blue sky. Tourist should be there at 3.00am – 4.00am to catch beautiful moments of dawn.

3. Chi Pau flowers on "the rooftop of Yen Bai"

Ta Chi Nhu Peak- 2,979m high- (Xa Ho Commune, Tram Tau Dist.) is dubbed ‘the rooftop of Yen Bai’, ‘a heaven of clouds on Earth’. It is the 7th highest mount in Vietnam and it was first conquered in 2013.


In mid-September or the beginning of October, it is the time of chi pau flowers blooming. The wild flower earned a real strange name! “Chi pau” means “I do not know” or “I do not understand” in H’mong language. It seems what ethnic people answered when they were asked about the wild flower.

The flowers, their fragile petals in purple, with tiny bunches, cover all over hillsides with its color, make it the Nature’s masterpiece of art.

Seeing dawn on the mountain, looking at floating white clouds and tiny flowers blooming, tourists will surely find it worth passing the dangerous winding road there.

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Different colors of autumn