Making Ba Ria - Vung Tau a regional and international logistics center

Bach Sa|25/11/2022 15:38

Cai Mep Ha logistics center is an important national project, approved by the People’s Committee of BR-VT with the construction zoning plan at the rate of 1/2000 in September 2020, locally adjusted in April, 2022.

Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center project has an area of about 1,763 ha, including Logistics Center and Cai Mep Ha port with an area of over 984 ha; the water surface area (channel, turning basin, water area in front of the wharf) is over 455 ha; 197 ha for clean energy storage land; 125.34 ha for potential water surface area. The project is divided in phase 1 from 2021-2024, phase 2 from 2025-2027 and phase 3 from 2028-2030.


At a working session with the provincial leaders attheendoflastyear,PrimeMinisterPham Minh Chinh highly agreed with the analysis and assessment of the locality about the potential and advantages of BR-VT, especially in terms of development, marine economy, seaports, logistics... an also the Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center project. Prime Minister also highlighted the importance of the province’s logistics development in the coming time, stemming from the fact that many international partners have paid special attention to Cai Mep - Thi Vai port area. The goal is to turn BR-VT Tau into a major logistics center of the region and the world.


When completed, Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center will help solve the problem of optimizing the cost of transporting import- export cargo from all traffic hubs, from roadway, seaway, railway and airway ; it
plays the role of a regional and international center for cargo transshipment- a center for receiving, storing, preliminarily processing raw materials, packing, labeling and distributing goods serving neighboring industrial zones, for Cai Mep - Thi Vai port cluster in particular, for Vung Tau port and the whole Southeast seaport area in general; it is a functional area of receiving and transshipping cargo to and from provinces in the country and countries around the world via sea, inland waterways and roadways; associated with other support service areas such as customs inspection, border guard, quarantine, financial and banking zones, logistics training facilities.


In addition, the province will study the formation of a commercial zone after the port, planning functional areas, including non-tariff zones, warehouses, distribution center, specialized inspection center to promote the role of the international transshipment hub port, creating a driving force to make BR-VT a regional logistics and transshipment center, providing best logistics services, creating favorable conditions for production activities, contributing to optimizing production costs and bringing added value to investors.

The People’s Committee of BR-VT- said there should be special policies for the development of Cai Mep- Thi Vai Port Cluster and open-port policies for the forming of Cai Mep Ha Logistics Center. Cai Mep- Thi Vai if being exploited will be a seaport that has an important role of Vietnam.

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Making Ba Ria - Vung Tau a regional and international logistics center