U&I Logistics and customs brokerage services for corporate efficiency optimization

By Minh Ha|15/06/2023 16:33

With over 20 years of experience in providing board range of customs clearance procedures and import-export tax consultancy services, U&I Logistics determines customs clearance as part of customs brokerage comprehensive services aimed at meeting the specific demands of its clients.

U&I Logistics's customs brokerage comprehensive services

The value proposition of customs clearance services lies in their ability to ensure that customers’ documents and certificates do not encounter any complications during post- clearance inspections and tax settlements, even after they have stopped using the services of the providing firm. Trusted by many clients, U&I Logistics resolved numerous cases where they faced obstacles during post-clearance inspections or were unable to settle taxes due to inadequate management of raw materials and components. The consequences of such issues can be quite severe, which emphasizes the importance of high-quality services.

U&I Logistics is always a pioneer in offering optimal customs brokerage services

With 25 dedicated experts having professional certificate of customs declaration and modern infrastructure, U&I Logistics has been granted a Customs Brokers License by Vietnam Customs since 2003. The company has the ability to sign on name and behalf of any customs importation and exportation declarations by using the agent’s digital signature as regulated by Vietnam Customs.

Additionally, U&I Logistics’ import-export tax consulting service has attracted significant attention from clients seeking guidance on Customs duty and import-export taxes. Thanks to our local expertise by continuously updating knowledge of customs laws and regulations, U&I Logistics’ customs experts have guided over 150 clients through the customs regulations of different countries, avoiding delays in customs clearance by authorities. That helps their clients reduce costs and maximize profits.

For 16 consecutive years, U&I Logistics has declared over 100,000 import- export declarations annually, solidifying its position as the leading customs brokerage agency nationwide.

U&I Logistics - Digital process management by ONP

Digital transformation is one of the key strategies pursued by U&I Logistics. Their self-developed software programs are integrated with e-Customs declaration software, saving time and minimizing unnecessary errors in customs declaration.


Office No Paper (ONP) software was built by U&I Logistics over the past 10 years, enabling the management of shipment flows, ensuring close monitoring and processing of the shipments. Particularly, customs declaration tasks can be processed within just 30 minutes from the time they are transmitted to the customs system.

Certification of ISO 9001:2015 for several years has also been one of the key factors ensuring the standardized quality of U&I Logistics’ services.

Currently, U&I Logistics operates a full range of business management systems satisfying specific needs of clients such as warehouse management (WMS), transportation management (TMS), human resource management (HRM), customer relationship management (CRM), and business intelligence (BI). This technology ecosystem was developed and operated by U&I Logistics’s team, helps serve business needs quickly and efficiently, especially for
companies in the import-export sector.

U&I Logistics provides a comprehensive range of solutions, obtaining special licenses and permits from all types of certificates of origin to specialized documents such as phytosanitary certificates and specialized inspection certifications. In addition, they also offer forwarding services that ensure careful and timely handling of customs-related documents. Final settlement report services are their latest solutions to solve the most important issues faced by processed goods, export production, and export processing.

As a result, U&I Logistics customs brokerage agency can provide optimized customs services and leverage new technologies to meet the challenges posed today in operational issues businesses face, enhance customs activities as well logistics management for enterprises.

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U&I Logistics and customs brokerage services for corporate efficiency optimization