Saigon Newport Corporation Extends Tet Support to the Poor Communities in Thu Duc City

By Cong Hoan|23/01/2024 15:54

On the afternoon of January 21, in Thu Duc City, Ho Chi Minh City, a delegation from Saigon Newport Corporation, led by Colonel Nguyen Nang Toan, the Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Corporation, partnered with the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of Thu Duc City to conduct a Tet gift-giving initiative for families facing challenging circumstances in the wards of Phu Huu, Cat Lai, and Thanh My Loi.

Saigon Newport Corporation supporting the "For the Poor" Fund of Thu Duc city

In the course of the event, Saigon Newport Corporation distributed 900 Tet gifts to recipients, encompassing policy beneficiaries, the underprivileged, and those facing challenging circumstances, with a cumulative value of 450 million VND. Additionally, the corporation made a generous contribution of 1 billion VND to Thu Duc City's "For the Poor" Fund, aimed at supporting social welfare initiatives and providing care for policy beneficiaries and the disadvantaged in the locality.

Colonel Nguyen Nang Toan visiting and presenting gifts to the relatives of martyrs

Ms. Le Thi Bac, Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee in Thu Duc City, shared that Saigon Newport Corporation has been a steadfast supporter of local endeavors over the years, notably contributing to funds dedicated as an expressions of gratitude and social welfare. This commitment ensures the city's social security and underscores the care extended to families encountering difficulties, the impoverished, and the vulnerable in the community.

Colonel Nguyen Nang Toan giving gifts to the families of laborers in the Logistics Department of the Corporation Image

Through these initiatives, the corporation is committed to fostering the moral principles of "Remembering the Source - Showing Compassion to Others" intrinsic to the Vietnamese people. This effort underscores the admirable attributes associated with "Uncle Ho's Soldiers - Navy Soldiers." Moreover, it exemplifies the corporate responsibility of individuals within the corporation toward the community, embodying the cultural essence of "comradeship" within Saigon Newport Corporation. The corporation works in collaboration with the local Party committee and government to collectively ensure a festive Tet celebration for all workers, guided by the spirit of inclusivity, leaving no one behind.

Delegates and residents participating in the program

During this occasion, the delegation visited and presented gifts to families of policy beneficiaries and the relatives of martyrs within the corporate’s system.

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Saigon Newport Corporation Extends Tet Support to the Poor Communities in Thu Duc City