In the conclusion of the meeting on April 24 of the National Committee on Digital Transformation, Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh, Chairman of the Committee, emphasized that digital transformation has now "reached every alley, knocked on every door, inspected every person," appearing in all aspects of economic and social life, at all levels, sectors, and fields, impacting and bringing benefits to society as a whole, especially to the people and businesses.

Regarding administrative reform, BRVT is a locality with many innovations and creativities starting from the grassroots level. Models such as "No writing on Mondays" - the application of electronic declaration, and "No appointments on Fridays" in Thang Nhi Ward (Vung Tau City) can be highlighted.

The characteristic of the "No writing on Mondays" model is that youth union members of the Ward will fill in administrative procedures for people such as: marital status confirmation, birth registration, marriage registration, death registration, and issuance of citizenship certification copies. Citizens and businesses only need to sign or annotate in the documents as required. Youth union members also advise and guide people on creating accounts and submitting documents through online public services.

As for "No appointments on Fridays", citizens come to the Ward People's Committee to carry out administrative procedures such as: notarization of copies from original documents, notarization of signatures, marriage registration, death registration, issuance of citizenship certification copies, and confirmation of marital status, which will be shortened by officials and civil servants from 1 to 3 days to as short as 30 minutes or at most half a day. In cases where people submit documents and it is the end of Friday afternoon, officials and civil servants of Thang Nhi Ward also strive to resolve them, not letting citizens wait until the following Monday to receive results. This helps citizens save time and travel costs, ect.

According to the leadership of the People's Committee of Vung Tau City, the Standing Committee of the Party encourages grassroots units to innovate, be creative, and have good practices to serve the people of the city. Good practices that are well received by the people will be conditions for commendation at the year-end summary, thereby promoting the spirit of innovation, creativity to each cadre, civil servant, and official in the BRVT province.

This model has spread to 100% of communes and wards in 8 districts, towns, and cities in BRVT province. Long Dien district has also implemented the models "Listening to people on Saturdays" and "No appointments" in 100% of communes and wards.

To continue maintaining competitiveness, improving the quality of administrative reform work, the leadership of the Department of Home Affairs of BRVT province stated that the Provincial People's Committee has directed the implementation of many solutions to promote administrative reform in each field; determining to continue promoting administrative reform associated with building e-government, digital government; improving the business environment, enhancing provincial competitiveness. Implementing the annual administrative reform plan of the province, the Provincial People's Committee regularly assigns tasks to each department, sector, and regularly urges the implementation.

In 2023, the Provincial People's Committee of BRVT province issued the "Plan for administrative reform of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province", and launched the movement to "Enhance the responsibility of leaders in implementing administrative reform tasks"; directing agencies and units to develop breakthrough stages in implementing administrative reform, researching and applying innovative models, good practices in fulfilling tasks. The Provincial People's Committee also instructed departments, sectors, and district-level People's Committees to hold dialogues with enterprises, investors quarterly at their workplaces, listen to and timely address the proposals of units to improve the business environment. In addition, the Provincial People's Committee also established a Special Task Force to inspect administrative reform to resolve difficulties, support effectively for enterprises, investors, investment projects in the province...

In addition to striving to improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI), the Provincial Open Budget Index (POPI), and the Provincial Administrative Reform Index (PAR INDEX) among the top 15 provinces and cities nationwide, BRVT has entered the Top 10 in the Provincial Governance and Public Administration Efficiency Index (PAPI) and the Digital Transformation Index (DTI) among provinces and cities nationwide. The citizen satisfaction rate reached 87%. Timely resolution of files reached 98%. The rate of using online public services reached 70%.

With the operation of the Mini app Zalo (BR-VT Smart app), agencies, units, officials, civil servants, citizens, and businesses can use the "BR-VT Smart app" on the Zalo application to be guided on administrative procedures, online public services partially, and the entire process of the province.

This Mini app also provides guidance on the online document submission process, inquiry of document processing status, online payment; instructions for using land management information (iLand.BRVT), provincial construction planning information, and other related information, support hotline...

The operation of the Mini app Zalo aims to implement the province's policy in deploying Zalo applications to promote digital transformation, administrative reform in the province. At the same time, it creates an additional channel for interaction between the BRVT provincial government and organizations, individuals on the digital platform...

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