Solving difficulties for Nghe An VSIP industrial park

Duy Ngoi|18/10/2021 09:04

(VLR) In attempts to overcome difficulties from the COVID-19 epidemic, Nghe An VSIP Urban Industrial and Service Park has been making great efforts to attract investments and has had positive results. Until September 10, 2021, it has attracted 30 projects (including 14 FDI projects) with the total investment of VND 11.612bn, the leased land area is 131.14 hectares, reaching the occupancy rate of 49.82%.

Together fighting against the COVID-19 epidemic

With the spirit of ‘fighting against the epidemic is like fighting against enemies’, enterprises in Nghe An VSIP Industrial Park has had implemented all epidemic prevention measures and strictly followed directions from the Government and local authorities. At the same time, Steering Committee for COVID-19 prevention with members who are enterprises operating in the Industrial Park was established as well.

Nghe An VSIP is in its negotiation process with some investors on an area of 16.44 ha in the first phase and 40 ha on the second phase. It is expected to come to agreement of leasing land in the 4th quarter of this year- increasing the occupancy rate to around 71% in the end of 2021.
Nghe An VSIP Co., Ltd.’s leaders

To ensure implements of the ‘dual goal”- fighting against the epidemic effectively and developing economy- in the context of complicated happenings of the epidemic, VSIP Nghe An has had active coordination with functional agencies and deployed their staff for tasks of epidemic prevention. Nghe An VSIP Co., Ltd., has set checkpoints and assigned their own security force to have 24/24 surveillance of the industrial park entrances and implemented zoning, tracing and disinfecting tasks with cases of F0, F1 and F2 related to investors in the industrial park. Therefore, Nghe An VSIP Co., Ltd., has been considered an important control force in tasks of epidemic control in Nghe An VSIP Industrial Park and a group that has high potential risks.

In complicated happenings of the epidemic, some enterprises have tried to catch up with measures of “3 stays” - working, having meals and resting at working places- and “1 route, 2 destinations” - taking and picking up employees from their arranged accommodation to factories in the industrial park. Nghe An VSIP has had a large donation to the Vaccine Fund in response to the call from the Prime Minister and the People’s Committee of Nghe An Province.

Until September 2021, Nghe An VSIP Industrial Park has achieved the vaccination rate of 35% out of the total number of over 12,800 workers working in the park. Nghe An VSIP has also committed to complete their vaccination to 100% employees in the industrial in the next two months.

Solving difficulties

Complicated happenings of the epidemic, social distancing in accordance to the Directives 16 and 16+ in many cities and provinces nationwide have caused difficulties for investors operating and potential investors approaching Nghe An VSIP.

Out of the total of 20 investors who came into operation in Nghe An VSIP Urban Industrial and Service Park, at the peak of the epidemic, 7 of them had to suspend their productions due to insufficient conditions for “3 stays” - around 5,252 employees had to temporarily laid off- and 13 of them could maintain “3 stays” for 6,637 employees. Most of enterprises that were maintaining their operation in the park in the time of social distancing had to cut their production due to inefficient conditions for “3 stays” and limitation in transporting their employees to and from work, especially with those using a large number of employees as ICT Luxshare, Sangwoo, and Emtech. Currently, they are back in their operations but they are still in difficulties.

For businesses that are operating and doing investment procedures, travel restrictions in the context of the epidemic make it more difficult for experts to move due to limited flights and difficult travel procedures. In addition, long quarantine period makes it difficult for investors from other localities as HCMC and Hanoi and for experts abroad to go to Nghe An for their projects.

Besides, social distancing implementation and costs arising from tasks of epidemic prevention have also had serious influence to investors who are building factories in the industrial park as well. In the general difficulty in the pandemic situation, Nghe An VSIP Industrial Park wishes to support investors conducting construction investment procedures on schedule, as well as potential investors accessing to Nghe An for investment. In addition, the industrial park also has policies to provide vaccines for 100% of industrial park workers to ensure workers’ safety as in the ‘dual goal’- safety goes together with production.

Nghe An VSIP Industrial Park has currently had 20 investment projects in operation with over 11,800 local employees as an initiative step. There are also 3 investors who are in their progress of building factories, 7 investors who have completed their investment procedures and are carrying planning procedures for construction. A number of foreign investors from Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan have needs to lease lands of large area in Nghe An VSIP (from 30ha-60ha).

In the context of complicated happenings of the epidemic, with professional investment ideas and prestige, Nghe An VSIP is a promising destination for investors.

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Solving difficulties for Nghe An VSIP industrial park