Logistics plays a decisive role in facilitating the flow of goods through economic transactions, especially in trade and services. However, the developmental operations of logistics have been significantly impacting the environment. According to Doherty and Hoyle (2009), logistics activities contribute to approximately 5.5% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. In Vietnam, road transport activities alone account for over 95% of total emissions.

Recognizing the negative impacts of logistics activities on the environment, the term "green logistics" emerged in the 1980s, marking an increased awareness of climate change and other environmental issues. Green logistics emphasizes efforts and measures to minimize the adverse effects of logistics activities, achieving a sustainable balance between economic, social, and environmental goals (Sbihi & Eglese, 2010).

In the current context, the Vietnam Logistics Review (VLR) proudly introduces its new section, "Green Logistics," where we will explore trends, solutions, and solid advancements in the logistics sector, both nationally and globally.

The Green Logistics section is designed with themes, solutions, and innovative ideas to minimize the impact of logistics activities on the environment and society. Together, we aim to build a thriving green logistics community.

We encourage interaction from our readers and businesses, as we believe that collaboration and sharing experiences are key to building a sustainable logistics industry in Vietnam.

The Green Logistics section not only introduces challenges but also guides how to address them. We will connect readers with leading experts and international organizations to share the latest knowledge and information.

Join us on the journey of connecting and developing the Green Logistics section, where we can together build a future, a sustainable, and developing green logistics community.


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