Singer Thao Trang "Son, I love you"

By Tu Tam|23/01/2023 09:36

“Ky da hoa- Iguana” is symbol of Thao Trang. The animal can change its color in transformation with outstanding talents. In Mascot Ky Da Hoa, the mysterious singer made her audience “good bumps” with her songs and her powerful voce.

I knew singer Thao Trang by chance. Her full name is Nguyen Thi Thao Trang, born in July (Lunar Year) in 1987 in Dong Ha, Quang Tri and currently working in HCMC.

In 2007, at the age of 20, Thao Trang first appeared in public when participating in Vietnam Idol. As the first appearance of TV show about music in Vietnam, the contest attracted a lot of attention from the audience and the media. The voice of the Quang Tri girl was strong, the music style changed and was diverse through each round of the competition.

Thao Trang with her mother and her son, Alex

A year later, right in May, Thao Trang released her first album called La with young love-themed songs. The mainstream music of La was R&B, one of Thao Trang’s strong points. About 5 years later, Thao Trang released the album The New Me including 10 ballad songs with professional crew including Duong Khac Linh, Duong Cong Thanh, Antoneus. In 2014, Thao Trang released the album Dai Lo Don Gio, with 7 songs composed by musicians Vo Thien Thanh, Minh Thuy, Tran Le and Duc Tien. The album was more about Alternative music. Thao Trang breathed life into songs with her own liberal and comfortable style. This was also considered an album marking the turning point of Thao Trang in music.

In 2022, Mascot Ky Da Hoa made the audience curious when she appeared in the program Vietnam’s The Masked Singer. “Ky da hoa- Iguana” is symbol of Thao Trang. The animal can change its color in transformation with outstanding talents. In Mascot Ky Da Hoa, the mysterious singer made her audience “good bumps” with her songs and her powerful voce. At the end of the program, Thao Trang made the whole studio burst into tears when performing the song Uoc Mo cua Me (A Mother’s Dream). Trang is a single mother with dreams and devotion to her audience in her music and to her little son in her life.

The audience was very impressed when Thao Trang performed songs by musician Hua Kim Tuyen with her powerful emotional voice, Trang took the tears of everyone present at the studio and the audience watching the show through the screen. Her episode also quickly reached Top 1 Trending YouTube within 24 hours.

In the knockout stages, Thao Trang made viewers went from one surprise to another when performing songs of different styles, from Phoi Pha by Trinh Cong Son, Yeu by Nguyen Duy Hung, Tim Lai by Microwave, Ve An Com by Sa Huynh... Thao Trang also has good ability of singing in English and earned good comments on her new way of singing. She earned at a position in TOP 5 Vietnam Idol 2007.

“You asked me what my dream was/ no one asked me the question for long/ I almost forget who I used to be/ I used to have a dream- a dream of living my own life” (the song lyrics). And the baby was born “Now you are standing in front of me/ And you showed me you have grown up/ I am happy, I am happy/ And I kept the wish as a memory”. Although I have not heard Trang singing the song, I feel the lyrics so moving. How great a Vietnamese mother is. The single mom Thao Trang sang a song with all her pride and her feelings. The audience seemed to be stunned when Trang whispered:” The world outside is huge/ You are my own world/ I am your joy, you house, your home”. The MV on You Tube has had 18 million views so far.


“Iguana” Thao Trang performing a song

Also in 2022, Iguana Thao Trang held a show to celebrate the 15th anniversary of her career, La Journey-A 15-year Journey from Strangely Ugly to Iguana. The Mini Concert was impressively successful- a journey full of emotions. As a worker in Binh Duong, Trang took an entrance exam to HCMC’s Conservatory to follow her passion, entering the show biz. It was her journey of passion.

It seems that the stage name Iguana is the right name to her. Trang can perform a variety of styles but the most prominent ones are EDM, Dance& Pop. She has strong and sexy style.

Referring to Thao Trang, I remember the words of a character in a literary work: “Everybody has worries and hopes in life. And, only those who understand the worries and hopes of others, are respectable.” Thao Trang is a multi-faceted person who has encountered many love affairs. Through the twists and turns of life, Thao Trang became stronger, but more sympathetic. The 8X vocalist said that her weakness is her strong, carefree personality. At the present time, she knows to “listen” and be less “crazy”. “After having children, I changed a lot. I live more for others, when difficulties come, I handle them more gently,” she confided.

Since the time she joined Vietnam Idol, Thao Trang has released many albums and singles that the audience love such as Strange, The New Me, Party All Night, Feel the life, This Love, or Vol 3 Dai lo don gio – the albums are considered to mark a new maturity in Thao Trang’s musical style. In terms of achievements, in addition to TOP 5 Vietnam Idol (2007), Thao Trang also had awards such as “Prospective Singer”, (Green Wave, 2010); many TOP 5 Gold Albums...

Duet with Thu Minh in LA- JOURNEY 15th anniversary

At the night of Mini Concert show, Trang, together with her idol- Thu Minh- sang a duet with the hig song Bong May Qua Them (The Shadow of Clouds Passing). And the two also performed the song Hero (Diva Mariah Carey’s hit song) dedicated to mothers- “real life heroes”: “If you reach into your soul/ And the sorrow that you know will melt away”; “So when you feel like hope is gone/ Look inside you and be strong/ And you’ll finally see the truth/ That a hero lies in you”. A message from music.

“O come/ there is nothing in life/ the youth passing fast/ Sometime, hearing light steps from the garden at night/ like the steps of old years,” Trang is sitting there with notes of Phoi Pha coming out her lips. She has not waiting for someone stepping in the life of hers and her son’s; but I find her stepping in her world of music with the wish to be peaceful.

From outside, the spring is coming near...

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Singer Thao Trang "Son, I love you"